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The Rise of the Open Source Contact Center

By Pete Engler

Today’s contributed article is from guest blogger, Kevin Levi, of OrecX, and provides a closer look at the use of open source solutions in contact centers. OrecX is a long-time builder of [...]

Cover Your Asterisk: Uncovering Clones and Counterfeits in Telephony Cards

By Gayle Magee

Digium created and is the innovative force behind Asterisk, the most widely used open source telephony software in the world. Our revenue sources, which help to maintain and develop the [...]

Healthcare Workflow Solutions Company Compares Asterisk and Switchvox

By Emily Arnold

At Digium, we are often asked how we are able to offer both open-source Asterisk and a turn key solution like Switchvox Unified Communications system. People want to know if [...]

How to Get Certified in Asterisk: dCAP and dCAA

By Cora Cloud

In a previous blog article “A Deeper Look into the Asterisk Training Classroom,” I sat down with our Asterisk trainers to get an in-depth look into the course outlines for [...]

Supporting Ecuador Water Relief: Home of Elastix Hit by Earthquake

By David Duffett

  The country of Ecuador is held in special affection by the Asterisk Community, as it is the home of Elastix – the popular Asterisk-based distribution that has been a [...]