March Madness: time to ‘phone in’ your bracket picks

For rabid sports fans like me, today is a bit of a sacred day.  Today begins a 3-week journey of drama, intrigue, and a roller coaster of emotions unmatched in the sports world.  Yes, the NCAA college basketball tournament is here – it is March Madness!  (Well, technically it began Tuesday night with play-in games, but nobody really counts those.) This also means that businesses throughout the U.S. suddenly have employees distracted by this annual mania, concentrating more on picking winners than on their daily work.

That’s why we, at Digium, are proposing that it’s time to embrace March Madness … Continued

Asterisk Live Interview with Peter Dunkley

See Peter Dunkley with Asterisk Live on Asterisk.orgIn this week’s episode of Asterisk Live, I had the privilege of interviewing Peter Dunkley, Technical Director at Crocodile RCS. We discussed Asterisk usage in WebRTC environments and pairing Asterisk together with a SIP proxy, such as Kamailio. This is a trend within the current technology space. Asterisk has always served many uses beyond the simple PBX system. However, recently I have seen increasing conversation around Asterisk deployed as a specialized component within large, sophisticated communications solutions. One of my articles on NoJitter describes how Asterisk is deployed as a media server. I recommend reading this article to … Continued

Zoom! Gigabit…for Saving Time

Gigabit, because time is precious.

I do a lot of large file transfers, and our WiFi network doesn’t cut it. So, I need to go wired. When I do that, I plug my laptop into the PC port of my Digium phone. Then, I frequently download DVD ISOs that I then turn into Virtual Machines, running on my laptop, for testing various versions of Asterisk, various FreePBX-based distributions, and for demoing Switchvox. I also do backups of my machine to a remote time capsule, and each one of those is quite large, since new VMs are constantly appearing in … Continued

Celebrating the invention of telephones

Over 138 years ago, Alexander Graham Bell spoke the first words into a telephone - “Mr. Watson! Come here! I want to see you!”

Much has changed over the past 100 years. Phones have transitioned from the wall-mounted rotary dial to the more compact, smart phones that tell us where we are, what we should eat and when our next meeting takes place.

It is a little sad to think that there is now a generation of users who have never used a rotary phone. They’ve never heard the “swoosh” as the dial rotated clockwise to the “finger stop,” or the click … Continued

Tell us your ASTERISK story; you could get a FREE DIGIUM PHONE

Asterisk community members have some interesting projects – and we not only want to hear more about them, but we want to share them with others, too. 

Submit a video about your Asterisk experience.

It’s no secret that we really love to hear from Asterisk community members, like yourself, especially about what you have been doing with Asterisk, and even about your experiences at AstriCon.
So we thought it might be fun to ask you to send in a video on one (or both) of the above topics. In exchange, you could walk away with a cool, new Digium phone.… Continued