Red Hat’s Russell Bryant Talks SDN, Open Source and AstriCon: Asterisk Live [Video]

Interested in software defined networking (SDN)? Get to know Red Hat’s Russell Bryant, who focuses on OpenStack, and is a former lead developer for the Asterisk open source project. In this episode of Asterisk Live, Russell chats about open source and gives a preview of his upcoming AstriCon presentation about SDN and its implications for communications applications. 

We love doing all the Asterisk Live videos with different members of the Asterisk Community, and it was an extra special pleasure to recently record a show with Russell Bryant of Red Hat.

You see, Russell has been the Lead Developer of … Continued

Looking for Savings & Efficiency? Ditch your legacy phone system

Public and private school systems around the country are often saddled with archaic telecommunications systems. Keeping and maintaining that outdated technology may appear to be the least expensive option; but once a full system analysis and cost comparison is conducted, schools typically discover significant savings when upgrading or replacing a legacy phone system. Becker Public Schools realized its aging Inter-Tel phone system was costing them money and time. The decision to upgrade to a VoIP solution with Unified Communications (UC) features quickly proved to be a wise investment.

Becker Schools, located in Minneapolis has approximately 2,800 students and a staff


3 Reasons Your CFO is All About OpEx

In the past, the idea of purchasing a new phone system for a small or medium-sized business (SMB) was daunting to say the least. On top of scoping out the initial business requirements and understanding the pain points to be resolved, you had to calculate downtime needed for a new system implementation and then worry about the learning curve for users. All of those issues aside, company leadership was concerned with one thing more than any other: how to come up with the cash to pay for the phone system.

Traditionally, buying a phone system (that legacy system that may … Continued

Asterisk Community: Get Ready for Best AstriCon Ever – Orlando 2015

If you’re part of the Asterisk community – or wanting to get started with Asterisk, then this year’s AstriCon is one event you do not want to miss. With the deadline for submitting speaking ideas closed, I can tell you that we have had more submissions than in any previous year!
But that’s not the best of it… Quantity is one thing, but the quality of this year’s speaking submissions is absolutely outstanding. It is setting up to be one of the most interesting AstriCons in the event’s history.

To begin, I am delighted to report that people from well … Continued

Fax for Asterisk (res_fax_digium) No Longer Supported in Asterisk 13 and Later

Since the release of version 1.8 in 2010, Asterisk has supported connectivity to two external fax modem solutions.  The first is the res_fax_digium module that is provided as a part of Digium’s Fax for Asterisk solution.  The second is the res_fax_spandsp module that ties into the open source spandsp solution.  Digium has continued to support both modules through the lifetimes of Asterisk 1.8, 10, 11 and 12.

Beginning with Asterisk 13, Digium will no longer make available the res_fax_digium module.  Instead, users requiring fax capabilities for Asterisk 13 and forward should use the res_fax_spandsp module.  Asterisk’s dial plan functionality for … Continued