Flu Season Highlights Role of Technology in Healthcare


TelemedicineThe start of the New Year means getting back to business as usual for most of us, but for many workers across the country, it also ushers in the need for sick days and hand sanitizer. In fact, the flu season has hit the country earlier than expected, with its peak not estimated to occur until late January or early February of 2015. With half of US states reporting high amounts of “flu-like cases” and at least 15 pediatric deaths, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention officially declared a flu epidemic in the US. Even if you manage … Continued

Asterisk Events: a Highlight of 2014 and a Preview of the New Year

With 2014 officially behind us, and as 2015 starts, I want to take a moment to share a highlight from some of my exciting travels through Asia in 2014, and to look forward to our first event – Asterisk World – in 2015.

Looking back at a highlight of 2014: The Asterisk tour of Asia – Conferences, Courses and Community Meet-ups!

To say Asterisk is popular in Asia would be a massive understatement. The world’s most flexible and powerful IP communications engine and application development environment has found its way into the daily life of many, many people here. When I … Continued

Training Spotlight: Avanzada7 Teaches Asterisk in Tenerife

DSC02947Beaches, blue sky, mountains, history, and Unified Communications. With all of that going on, who can concentrate on Asterisk?

Although the scenery of the Canary Islands might make it difficult to remain indoors, Digium’s authorized Training Partner Avanzada7 is keeping students enthralled with the week-long official Asterisk Advanced course. Headquartered in Malaga, Spain, Avanzada7 offers and facilitates a range of courses for Unified Communications, including the Digium curriculum and dCAP certification testing in Spanish. As one of Digium’s longest continuous training partners, they boast an impressive array of dCAP certified Asterisk specialists and community members, including Sergio Serrano (CTO), Elio Rojano … Continued

Tech 4 Canada Set to Deliver Asterisk Training

Asterisk training Tech 4 Canada
Alejandro Gutierrez, CTO at Tech 4 Canada

Tech 4 Canada is serious about Asterisk. So serious that when CTO Alejandro Gutierrez assessed options for providing communications technology training to his customers, he established a lab to teach the official Digium Asterisk curriculum. Now, he’s ready to open up Asterisk training to Toronto’s community of technical professionals.

“Sharing knowledge and expertise has always been the true meaning of the open source community. With the official Asterisk Advanced training in Toronto, we bring that knowledge right from where it all began, The Asterisk Company,” said Alejandro. He is no stranger to the courses or … Continued

Loss of Snow Days Creates Next-Generation of Remote Workers

The idea that snow or extreme weather conditions no longer means getting a day off from school may become a chilling reality for school-aged kids. Businesses everywhere should applaud the idea – and start looking forward to an up-and-coming generation of savvy, well-trained remote workers.

The recent blast of arctic air across much of the U.S. has delivered more than record-setting cold temperatures and snowfalls. The unusually early winter conditions have also ushered in a possible end to Snow Days – or, at the vey least is redefining what they mean. Thanks to technology, and some forward-thinking administrators of a … Continued