Asterisk 13: Core Changes – The Stasis Message Bus

Today, we’ll begin to look at the core changes made in the previous release of Asterisk and refined over the past year for Asterisk 13. Specifically, we’ll look at the Stasis Message Bus, and how it helps make Asterisk a robust platform for users and application developers alike.

A Better Core for Better APIs

After AstriDevCon 2012, we set two goals for Asterisk’s APIs:

  1. Improve the consistency of information Asterisk provides to consumers of its APIs.
  2. Make it easier to write a custom communications application using Asterisk’s APIs.

Meeting the first goal required changes within the core of … Continued

Four Reasons You Must be at AstriCon 2014

In just under four weeks, Asterisk developers, contributors and enthusiasts from around the globe will gather in Las Vegas, Nevada to celebrate the 11th Annual AstriCon event. The three-day exhibition and conference kicks off on October 22 and will bring a jackpot of content and networking opportunities for everyone. Having been part of the planning for over 8 years, I can report without hesitation that the content, keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and event location will make this one of the best AstriCon events to date.


The speakers are preparing great presentations and demos, and they will be looking for maximum interaction … Continued

Asterisk 13: Coming Soon

Over the past year, Asterisk developers have been hard at work extending the functionality developed in Asterisk 12, the last Standard release, to prepare for Asterisk 13, the upcoming Long Term Support (LTS) release. In the Asterisk project, the focus of a Standard release is on major architectural improvements and larger features, while the focus of an LTS release is to provide a stable, production-ready platform. As such, development for the past year has concentrated on refining Asterisk 12 so that Asterisk 13 is the fully-featured platform for all your media needs: be it a powerful, configurable PBX with … Continued

Digium IP Phones Receive Internet Telephony Excellence Award


We are happy to report that TMC has named Digium’s family of IP Phones as a recipient of the 2014 Internet Telephony Excellence Award, presented by Internet Telephony magazine.

“The editors of INTERNET TELEPHONY are excited to grant Digium with an INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Award for its innovation in IP communications. Digium’s IP phones have demonstrated outstanding quality and delivered exceptional solutions for its customers,” said Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director of INTERNET TELEPHONY.

“Digium has been recognized with a 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Award for proving its dedication and excellence in advancing IP communications,” stated Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC.

Digium … Continued

Asterisk Live: Meet ALICE, WinTech’s Virtual Receptionist Kiosk

ALICE receptionist on Asterisk.orgWinTech CTO Mike Yoder is our most recent featured guest on Asterisk Live. Mike talks about the innovative ALICE virtual receptionist kiosk.

Fueled by Asterisk, the ALICE receptionist greets visitors in a business lobby with an interactive video kiosk. She can then route a video or audio call to any employee (local or remote). One of the benefits of this solution is that it keeps a high level of engagement with customers and visitors, but at a lower cost than having to staff a full-time receptionist at each location. I was impressed by this unique product when I experienced … Continued