UC Has You Covered on Leave the Office Earlier Day – and Any Other Day

Leave the Office Earlier Day Digium UCHave you heard? Today, June 2nd, is the official Leave the Office Earlier Day. Invented by Laura Stack, author and employee productivity specialist, the day is designed to motivate overworked, tired, semi-productive, and easily-distracted employees by allowing them to head out of the office a little early, once all the tasks for the day have been completed. Fortunately, you don’t always have to wait for a specially designated ‘national day’ to have more out-of-office flexibility.

With mobility and the right Unified Communications (UC) solution, the boss MIGHT just let you cut out early, anytime, without worrying about lost … Continued

BYOD vs. CYOD: What is the Difference?

Is your company’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy leaving your IT team feeling a bit uneasy?  If so, perhaps it’s time for a CYOD or Choose Your Own Device policy.  So, what is the difference? Simply put, CYOD can offer more security and more control.  You could also think of CYOD as Chaperone Your Own Devices and take control of the unsupervised party that is BYOD.Touch screen mobile phone

Many companies that have established BYOD policies are experiencing IT security and management issues.  BYOD security concerns often stem from a device being compromised in a way that could allow access to company … Continued

Connect with Digium in the Spiceworks Community



If you’re an IT professional or vendor, then you’ve likely already heard of Spiceworks, which is best known for its free IT management apps for network monitoring, help desk, and inventory management. The organization has also developed a thriving (and free to join) online community that boasts more than six million active members. The Spiceworks community is a terrific place to interact with top tech vendors and even have some fun. As it happens, Digium is one of those tech companies that is very active in the Spiceworks community. We thought it would be nice to share a little … Continued

UC For You: The Road Warrior

Business travel can be pretty awful, especially for those who consistently spend a large portion of their work week on the road. Day after day, having to deal with delayed or canceled flights, fickle rental car companies, bad airplane food, and skimpy hotel continental breakfasts… any one of those things is enough to test a person’s patience. Yes, the business traveler, or “Road Warrior” has a difficult job: meeting their goals by connecting to their customers, co-workers, and managers with little or no face-to-face contact in the office. And when it gets down to it, the company’s business communications system … Continued

Being a Front-End UX Designer at Digium: Meet Rob Clark

As part of our ongoing series, Get to Know Digium: Employee Spotlight, we ask employees to share with readers about their roles inside the company as Digiumites (our name for team members), as well as their life and interests outside of Digium. We kicked off the series with a spotlight on Scott Griepentrog, and now we continue with one of our Front-End UX Designers, Rob Clark.




Briefly describe your education and career prior to joining Digium.

I graduated from the University of Alabama in 2009, with a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising. Despite graduating in … Continued