Digium Launches Respoke Web Communications

Respoke Web Communications for Developers

Today Digium is pleased to announce the official launch of Respoke, a cloud platform for adding secure communications to web and mobile applications. Respoke provides a rich API that allows developers to easily add live voice, video, messaging, and data as application features. Product managers that want to introduce real-time interactions within a web or mobile app can now point their developers at the Respoke API to see their vision turned into reality in days instead of weeks or months.

Respoke began as a virtual startup within Digium and is staffed with a mix of communications industry veterans and cloud … Continued

Moving to VoIP? Digium Live Discusses Steps to Upgrading a Phone System

What features should you consider when deciding to purchase a new business phone system if you are a small or mid-size company? How do you compare features and benefits between competing systems? In this episode of Digium Live, I talk with another VoIP professional and an SMB customer that went through the process of upgrading their business communications system.

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Matthew Hilton, sales engineer and senior voice engineer for Akuity Technologies (one of Digium’s top resellers in the country) and Warren Rogers, Network Manager for Quabbin Wire and Cable (a valued Digium customer) discuss the process of evaluating and acquiring a … Continued

The Benefit of Simple Design for Communication Apps

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 7.47.19 AMCommunications is growing in new and innovative ways. Products like Respoke are enabling the next generation of communications solutions with the ability to add WebRTC (Web Real-time Communications) voice and video calls, chat, and screen sharing to any web app. With all of these modes of communications available, developers building on Respoke have a lot options.

When looking at all of these features, the temptation exists to try and add everything – including the kitchen sink. Sometimes a diversity of features is great. Other times, keeping things simple is the best approach. In a recent post on the Respoke blog I talk … Continued

Best Wearable Tech in 2015 [Infographic]

While the rise in wearable technology has been steady for the last couple of years, consumers will see a surge of devices hitting the market in 2015. These devices, which come in the form of wristbands, clothing, watches – you name it, are changing the way we live on a daily basis. While the large majority of these wearable devices are aimed at the consumer, the industry is slowly expanding its reach into the workplace, which is already proving to be successful. A recent study from the Institute of Management Studies found that wearable tech has increased employee productivity by 8.5 percent … Continued

Mobile Unified Communications for Business Featured on UC Tech Chat

UC Tech Chat

A modern Unified Communications (UC) solution should be able to reach all employees across an organization and that means extending its reach with mobile UC apps. In our new episode of UC Tech Chat, we break down what matters most to a business when deciding to deploy mobility as part of a UC solution. For starters, a business should address these three issues:

1) An ability to connect with the business phone system

A modern UC application should allow employees to use their mobile devices either in combination with or in place of their desk phone.  With mobility, you can … Continued