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AstriCon Glendale Boasts a Packed Schedule

By David Duffett

As I am sure you know, AstriCon in Glendale, AZ is happening very soon – September 27-29 – and the schedule is looking fantastic. We have had so many great session submissions [...]

Bringing Enterprise-level Technology to Small Business

By Brian Ferguson

Throughout history, there has been a significant difference in the quality of technology available for large, enterprise companies compared to small businesses.  New, feature-rich, cutting edge technology systems were reserved [...]

The Rise of the Open Source Contact Center

By Pete Engler

Today’s contributed article is from guest blogger, Kevin Levi, of OrecX, and provides a closer look at the use of open source solutions in contact centers. OrecX is a long-time builder of [...]

Healthcare Workflow Solutions Company Compares Asterisk and Switchvox

By Emily Arnold

At Digium, we are often asked how we are able to offer both open-source Asterisk and a turn key solution like Switchvox Unified Communications system. People want to know if [...]

How to Get Certified in Asterisk: dCAP and dCAA

By Cora Cloud

In a previous blog article “A Deeper Look into the Asterisk Training Classroom,” I sat down with our Asterisk trainers to get an in-depth look into the course outlines for [...]