Inside the Asterisk

Introducing a More Powerful Business Phone System with Simplified Pricing

By Emily Arnold

For years, Digium has been considered the best value in Unified Communications (UC) for its commitment to providing businesses with top-of-the-line VoIP phone systems with enterprise-class features at an affordable [...]

Earlybird Closes Soon for the Biggest AstriCon Ever

By David Duffett

We were absolutely overwhelmed when we received more speaking submissions than ever before for AstriCon this year. With more than 130 speakers showing interest in speaking at AstriCon, we shortlisted [...]

The Benefits of Virtualization [Video]

By Michael Kienzle

Obstacles such as shrinking budgets and lack of IT resources, has made business phone system virtualization (Virtual Voice) a must-have technology for many businesses.  Get up to speed on the [...]

Voice Communication – When Your Life Depends On It

By Steve Harvey

For emergency management personnel, from fire fighters to ambulance drivers, mission-critical communication is at the center of every call. For the rest of us, communication is a significant part of [...]

On Target with Digium Partners: Monarque Telecom

By Judie Powell

Monarque Telecom is the focus of our latest Digium Partner Spotlight series. Monarque Telecom is a Digium Select Partner located in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada. The company has offered Digium solutions [...]