Inside the Asterisk

More Time Travel

By Malcolm Davenport

Aloha,   All this talk of time travel reminded me that I had some old photos from the LinuxWorld from the Winter of 2004 that was held in New York. [...]

What was I thinking?

By Danny Windham

This is the second most frequently asked question I have received since agreeing to leave a perfectly wonderful job as president of a large, publicly-held, well-established, and successful supplier of [...]

Stop Calling, I’m trying to listen to Music

By Malcolm Davenport

Okay, this is sort of product related, but it’s also a bit on the fun side. (this posting inspired by the shoutout Russell gave me on the commit list, detailed [...]

Better than free? How Digium adds value to open source

By Digium Webteam

The first question we hear from visitors is invariably, “if you give away your software, how do you make money?” Good question, and one that presents a great opportunity to [...]

Spreading the Word, not just the Code

By Mark Spencer

You know, I didn’t really start out on a mission to change the world, but more just seemed to stumble into it. When I started Digium (Linux Support Services at [...]