Inside the Asterisk

Digium AA50, Security and Bugfix Release

By Malcolm Davenport

Aloha, I’m back, with an update from the AA50 software front.  This time, it’s just a minor bug-fix update, release, that’s now available for download on the BE portal: [...]

AsteriskNOW! 1.0.1 Hits The Streets

By Steve Sokol

After nearly a year of cooking, AsteriskNOW! version 1.0 is ready for your dining pleasure. (So it took a year…. Blame the folks at Google. They’re the ones who made [...]

Digium, AA50, 1.1 Software Announcement

By Malcolm Davenport

Howdy, Many of you may fondly remember my last posting about AA50 software updates. It’s been nearly 3 months, so how about another update? We’re pleased to announce the release [...]

Digium, the TDM410, and the Genie

By Malcolm Davenport

Things overheard on the Interwebs: “I wish Digium had a four-port analog card with hardware echo cancellation.” “I wish Digium had a four-port version of their Voicebus analog cards.” “I [...]

Digium Relaxes Google AdWord Policy

By Danny Windham

Over the past week we have received a number of charged responses regarding the recent change in policy related to the use of Digium trademarked terms in Google AdWords. Some [...]