Inside the Asterisk

Gartner honors Digium as Visionary

By Danny Windham

Digium was recently honored for the third consecutive year by the Gartner Group by being included in their coveted ‘Magic Quadrant’ for Corporate Telephony. This accomplishment is certainly gratifying for [...]

AstriCon countdown!

By Digium Webteam

Astricon is next month! The announcement of the two keynotes went up on the mailing lists yesterday, and I’ve had a few people ping me in email who have expressed [...]

Zaptel project being renamed to DAHDI

By Kevin P. Fleming

Approximately two years ago, the owner of the trademark ‘ZapTel’ (for telephony purposes) contacted Digium and notified us that the name was in fact trademarked. His company owns the ZapTel [...]

Asterisk Myth Busters – Episode 3

By Danny Windham

Here’s the third installment from the Asterisk Myth Busters series.  This one focuses on the dual missions of Digium and the company’s role in sponsoring the Asterisk Open Source Project. [...]

Asterisk Myth Busters – Episode 2

By Danny Windham

Welcome to the second episode of Asterisk Myth Busters. In this installment, we’ll investigate a common misconception regarding the Asterisk contributors’ license agreement. MYTH: Digium requires code contributors to give [...]