Inside the Asterisk

10 Conference Call Etiquette Tips to Make Your Meetings More Productive

By Mike Taylor

Ah, conference calls. They have the ability to make meetings so much more convenient, but like any technology, conference calls come with a certain amount of “learning pains.” After all, [...]

5 Productivity Tips for Small Businesses

By Mike Taylor

Are you tired of spending all day at work only to look up at the end of the day to see you’ve actually accomplished very little? Don’t worry, you’re not [...]

BeFree Event in Mexico City, June 21

By David Duffett

For several years now, Toga Solutions have run the highly successful BeFree event in the heart of Mexico City, Mexico. And for most of those years, I have been privileged [...]

Providence Classical School Graduates to Advanced Phone System [Video]

By Michael Kienzle

Summer may be upon us, but schools everywhere still depend on a good communications solution year-round, especially when transitioning to a new campus during summer break. That was the case for [...]

Voicemail, What Voicemail?

By Matthew Hilton

Sure, from a personal level, many folks believe that the voicemail is going the way of the fax machine or the dodo bird.  Will the voicemail become a relic only [...]