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Steven Sokol, a self-proclaimed Asterisk geek, serves as the director of strategic projects at Digium. He has previously served as the Asterisk marketing director and as a product manager. He joined Digium in the summer of 2007 when his startup was acquired. Steve co-founded both AstriCon, the annual Asterisk user conference, and the Asterisk Bootcamp training program. He lives in Kansas City.

Join Us At voip2day + ElastixWorld in Madrid

This coming Sunday I will be heading to Madrid, Spain for the combined voip2day + ElastixWorld conference which takes place from Tuesday, September 25 – Thursday, September 27 at the IFEMA fair center.  This will be my first trip to Spain since 2005, when Olle Johansson and I put on AstriCon Europe, the first Asterisk event held outside of the US and the second ever AstriCon.  We managed to bring together about 200 Asterisk users and developers which I consider to be quite a feat given the fact that neither of us spoke a word of Spanish.  Madrid is … Continued

Gateways In Action: How To Avoid Annoying Dinosaurs With Forklifts

PBX systems are generally viewed as a long-term investment. According to the industry mavens who track buying trends, most companies refresh their voice communications technology about once every 10 years – generally when moving to a new location or when some kind of tragedy strikes the old system. Compared with computers, which tend to be replaced every 36 months, PBXs move at a glacial pace. Why the slow roll on the phone gear? Because changing out the old in favor of the new is disruptive, expensive and historically didn’t bring much of a value-add to the company. But as … Continued

Advanced Asterisk-based VoIP Gateways are Here!

Early in the year, several of our Digium team members hinted that 2012 would be a  big year, suggesting that it might be worthwhile “to keep your eye on us,” as we continue delivering affordable communication solutions to our customers. We’re excited to announce the next products that do just that: new VoIP gateways. That’s right! Today, we are officially introducing the G100 and G200, the first in a family of cost-effective IP media gateways that simplify the process of deploying converged media networks and provide the best value for Asterisk communications solutions.

Of course, some might say that … Continued

Asterisk 10 Lives!

If you grew up in the late 1970s or early 1980s you might remember a series of commercials starring world renowned director and actor Orson Wells.  The commercials, which promoted the now defunct Paul Masson winery, always ended with the catchphrase “We’ll sell no wine before its time.” intoned with great feeling.  It’s undeniably sad that an iconic 20th century artist such as Wells was reduced to hawking cheap bubbly, but that catch phrase was pure gold.  It speaks of a commitment to quality.  It reminds us that great things cannot be rushed.  And as it is with wine, so … Continued

Asterisk Around the World

What can be found in more than 170 countries and has logged millions of downloads? Asterisk! The leading open source communications platform, Asterisk has provided telephony solutions for companies of all types and sizes, including the likes of Google, IBM and Yahoo!  Yet, not everyone realizes the global footprint that Asterisk and Digium have, today. So, we thought it might be interesting to share a few success stories from across different parts of the globe.

Consider this Asterisk success story from the City of Schoten, Belgium:

Around the world, organizations are conscious about IT spending and are continually evaluating Continued