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Sean is a Digium veteran, working various roles from Hardware Test Technician, Software Technician, Product Quality Lead, Training Specialist, and currently a Systems Engineer. He has a Degree in the Science of Business Administration from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Asterisk Dimensioning: What server do I need?

In our training classes, we’re frequently asked to recommend hardware specs for an Asterisk server in a given setting. We welcome the “mini consulting” opportunities we get by interacting with students in live training classes, but this particular question continually challenges us. Unfortunately, there’s no “magic formula” we can use or recommend to answer the question easily. But the fact that there is no simple answer doesn’t mean there’s no answer at all. Keep reading for a rundown of the various factors we consider when assessing just how beefy the hardware running your Asterisk system needs to be.

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