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Scott is the CIO and Managing Partner for API Digital and systems. With than 25 years of technical and operations management expertise in small, carrier and large enterprise businesses, he has gained a great deal of experience in FSO (figuring stuff out) and MSU (making stuff up). Having spent the last 16 years advising businesses on operations improvement, business development strategies and management practices, Scott has become involved directly with three businesses with board or advisory positions in several other organizations. He takes great joy in utilizing experience to help businesses grow and avoid the typical pitfalls. Scott is married to wife Kimberly and they have 2 children that are growing up quickly. Scott enjoys spending time with his family, especially if it includes fly fishing.

Avoiding a communications meltdown – planning for business continuity.

It’s been a rough year in many regions given the wave of natural disasters. For businesses, this is an opportunity for a conversation about business continuity and what it takes to keep your business communications powered. Today, we kick off a series of discussions on business continuity from guest blogger and Digium partner, Scott Pell, of API Digital. Scott provides a “behind-the-scenes” look at how API and Digium responded to a critical weather event that seriously threatened both companies’ business operations.

Scott Pell, API Digital

When we leave the house to go to work, it never runs through … Continued