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Rusty has been with Digium for over eight years, working on various teams within Digium's Technical Support, Sales and Software Development departments. Prior to joining Digium, he spent more than five years in the Telecom and IT industries, installing, configuring and maintaining legacy PBXs as well as supporting SMB computer networks. He is currently Digium's Asterisk Community Support Manager - responsible for ensuring that Digium’s community services are providing what the community members need, that the systems are operating properly, and that issues and questions are getting the attention they deserve. He works along with David Duffett (our Community Director) at the greater aim of supporting the worldwide Asterisk community in all it's needs.

New Languages for Asterisk Voice Prompts

Asterisk is used to build a wide range of communications applications, including plenty that utilize voice prompts, such as in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus. You may already know that Asterisk comes with sound files in a variety of languages; but what you may not realize is that these sound files have been generously provided by a number of community members. All of the contributions are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license, which allows Asterisk users great flexibility in their usage.

Who are these community members? If you have used a system built on Asterisk in an English … Continued

Your Asterisk module is loaded, but is it running?

Often a tiny new feature can be just as exciting as a big one. Well, you should be aware of this tiny new feature in Asterisk Trunk (Asterisk 12 is the next release you would see it in).

Thanks to a very active Asterisk community developer and all around great contributor – Michael L. Young (aka ‘elguero‘ on IRC) – now all of you Asterisk administrators can easily see when an Asterisk module is loaded, *and* in its running state.

As an example, let’s take a case where Asterisk decides to load, but not run the chan_motif.so module … Continued

Asterisk: Prompts I Wish I Had – Now Available in Asterisk Extra Sounds

I’ve got a surprise for you and it may even be cooler than yesterday’s date (12/12/12 in case you were not paying attention)! You may or may have not heard about “Asterisk Prompts I Wish I Had” – a collaboration between Steve Sokol of Digium and Allison Smith of The IVR Voice. The idea was to record a broad selection of funny and functional sound prompts, submitted by You, the Community of Asterisk users.

So now to the point – earlier this year the first set of recordings was released. Now, it’s available in Asterisk’s English extra sounds package!… Continued

Astricon – Will you be there?

AstriCon will soon be here.  As an Asterisk geek of over 6 years, I’m excited!

As you may or may not know, my role here at Digium is to work alongside David Duffett to help ensure Digium’s support of the Asterisk community and to be an advocate for the community. Although I am not a developer (I work inside Engineering), I am in a good position to advocate for developers. From my current position, I help manage bug triage on the Asterisk issue tracker,  help keep the online channels of communication running, and represent the community in our engineering meetings … Continued

AstriDevCon this October – Asterisk developers invited!


Digium and especially our crew in Software Development invite developers who are interested in the future of Asterisk to join us at AstriDevCon on Monday, Oct 22nd, 2012.

AstriDevCon is an annual event, held alongside AstriCon; it includes an in-depth review of progress made in the past year and an open discussion about the future direction of the project. The event is free and open for any active Asterisk community developer to apply.  It’s a great opportunity to meet the core development team in person, pitch ideas for new features and functions and coordinate efforts with others.

Capacity … Continued