Top 10 tricks you didn’t know Asterisk could do

Today’s category from the home office: top ten tricks you didn’t know Asterisk could do. If you’re living with a phone system from the prior century, you might not be aware of what is possible today with Asterisk. If you’re already “in the know,” thanks for playing along.

10. Connect to enterprise directories
Asterisk can authenticate users against your LDAP server, Lotus Domino Directory, Apple OpenDirectory, or even Microsoft ActiveDirectory.

9. Connect using Google Voice and GTalk
Use Google’s services with Asterisk to send and receive free calls with other Google users and plain-old telephones, too.

8. Calendar integration Continued

Building Video Conferencing Solutions with Asterisk and Dialogic

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge on the benefits of video conferencing and Asterisk for the continued success of your business, you won’t want to miss this informative presentation from two experienced companies in the telecommunications industry.

Join Dialogic and Digium next week, Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 2p.m. ET/11a.m. PT, for a webinar called Building Video Conferencing Solutions with Asterisk. Together, the two companies will share their insight on video conferencing and Asterisk.

Video conferencing has become a commodity for enterprises and as technology as IP network connectivity continue to advance, the demand for video conferencing … Continued

Skype for Asterisk end of sale – July 26, 2011

Skype for Asterisk will not be available for sale or activation after July 26, 2011.

This unique software provides Asterisk with a native connection to the Skype network, including abilities to call Skype names directly, publish and use presence information, exchange text chat messages, and much more. This native connection is significantly more powerful than a SIP-only service. It has been used to build impressive telephony integrations and mashups using Asterisk, Skype, and other technologies.

Skype for Asterisk has also been a strong and steady seller for Digium. With hundreds of sales each month, many thousands of businesses worldwide are … Continued