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Randy Kremlacek is president of TeleDynamic Communications, and is a Digium Select Partner and 2013 Pinnacle Award winner. TeleDynamic Communications provides turnkey premises-based PBX and hosted PBX, SIP trunking and Unified Communications, and is proudly celebrating 33 years in delivering business communications solutions.

Legacy Phone Systems: Why Remodel a Dinosaur When You Can Upgrade to UC?

Guest Blogger – Randy Kremlacek, Digium Authorized Select Partner and President/Owner – TeleDynamic Communications, Inc.

The other day I got a call from the IT manager of a local manufacturing company who was looking to upgrade their telephone system.  He has two locations, one in Northern California with 150 users and the other in Southern California with 50 users.

Northern California Office Situation: The guy was looking to re-use his old Intertel phones and upgrade his IP PBX so he could convert to a PRI circuit.  He was presently using AT&T analog lines and  paying $1,200 per month. His research … Continued