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Pete Engler is the Channel Marketing Manager at Digium. He joined the company in 2008 as the Product Manager for Asterisk hardware products before moving to Marketing. Prior to Digium, he served as a Product Manager in the Enterprise and SMB teams with Avocent Corporation, Applications Engineering at ADTRAN and 10 years in Information Technology as a Desktop and Network Administrator. As Channel Marketing Manager, Pete is responsible for channel marketing and lead gen programs for Digium’s worldwide network of partners, as well as marketing campaigns that continue to drive demand for Digium’s portfolio of telephony products, including Switchvox Unified Communications phone systems and Switchvox Cloud; and products for custom communications projects with open source Asterisk.

Digium Receives CRN 5-Star Rating

Digium Receives CRN 5 star partner award For technology solution providers, choosing the right vendor to partner with can be the difference between success and failure- for them and the businesses they work with. Online reviews and recommendations are one way to shop around, but those who are serious about choosing the right vendor to partner with refer to the CRN Partner Program Guide.

We are proud to announce that Digium has received a 5-Star rating in the CRN 2016 Partner Program Guide!

This annual directory is the definitive listing of technology vendors that service solution providers or provide products through the IT channel. The 5-Star Partner Continued

Resellers: Building Your Customer Base

For most small to medium- sized businesses (SMBs), the continuous search for new customers is essential to meet or exceed growth targets. As a reseller, the extent of available prospecting options for your business is often influenced by the size of the organization, and whether there are dedicated resources for new customer acquisition. Larger organizations typically have the human capital and the budget to invest in multiple avenues for finding new customers. Regardless of company size, one factor is particularly applicable to all organizations.

It’s extremely important for any business owner to understand and properly manage customer acquisition costs. For … Continued

SIP Trunking Offers Advantages for Resellers and Their Customers

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As a reseller, offering cutting-edge technology products and services to your customers can be high stakes. If the gamble pays off, you will have a happy, long-term customer who brags about their (now) tech-savvy business and your insightful recommendations that brought their business up to speed. If the solution is a bust, not only could you lose the confidence of that customer, but you can also lose any hope for referrals. Many resellers witnessed this type of dilemma first-hand in the late 1990s, when VoIP services and SIP  trunking were first introduced and began to change the landscape in the … Continued

Ongoing Training Pays off for Resellers and Their Customers


For VARs in the technology sector, the importance of continually educating and training employees can make a significant difference in selling, installing, and supporting your customers’ solutions. This customer-centric approach also plays a tremendous role in managing and improving your margin and profit. Investing in and completing technical certifications to become experts in the vendors’ solutions you sell may require an upfront cost, but it’s well worth it – training yields a significant ROI.

Having product experts on your technical staff serve as subject matter experts allows you to have a much more efficient and effective process when it comes … Continued

Resellers: Add Cloud Services to Grow Your Business

Over the last few years cloud computing services have dominated the Information Technology market, becoming the go-to solution for various products and services. Now that cloud computing is a few years old and customers are beginning to see the benefits of it, the shift toward those solutions is growing at an even more rapid pace. If you are a reseller, this trend will likely mean offering cloud services for your customers, or expanding the cloud-based service offerings included in your portfolio, if you haven’t already done so.

Race to the Top

Many IT products have transitioned into the cloud as a preferred option for … Continued