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Michael Kienzle is Digium's Multimedia Marketing Manager. His passion for helping customers understand unified communications shows through the creative marketing solutions he develops. His team produces innovative content for video channels, websites, learning management systems, and social media channels.

Providence Classical School Graduates to Advanced Phone System [Video]

By Michael Kienzle

Summer may be upon us, but schools everywhere still depend on a good communications solution year-round, especially when transitioning to a new campus during summer break. That was the case for

A Closer Look at Benefits of On-Premise Phone Systems [Video]

By Michael Kienzle

With businesses utilizing more cloud-based applications than ever before, you might think a hosted phone system is your only option when upgrading your business communications system.  For some companies, an on-site

How to Compare Vendor Price Quotes for Tech Solutions

By Michael Kienzle

When it comes to choosing new technology products and services, you want to make the best investment decision for your business. After your initial research, that usually means narrowing the

Eliminating The Cost Of Downtime With Virtualization

By Michael Kienzle

One of the major challenges companies face is attempting to reduce downtime, in addition to finding a reliable and inexpensive method to handle disaster recovery.  This challenge comes with good

Dynamic Duo Fights Legacy Phone Systems

By Michael Kienzle

Meanwhile, in the heart of the city, an old foe, the Legacy PBX, holds a company up from productivity. Have no fear citizen!  The Dynamic Duo hears your call for