Matthew Hilton

Switchvox Product Marketing Manager

About the Author

Matthew is the Switchvox Product Marketing Manager for Digium. Matthew has spent the last 15 years in various IT roles working for multiple Fortune 500 companies and Value-Added Resellers. Not one to sit idly by, his job titles have included, Business Analyst, Systems & Network Engineer, VOIP Engineer, Programmer and Marketing Specialist. He graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University with a BA in English and a focus on Business Information Systems.

The Biggest Little Phone System: A Better On-premise Appliance

By Matthew Hilton

Unlike “The Little Engine That Could,” there is no need to chant, “I think I can, I think I can…” when it comes to overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds – especially

Voicemail, What Voicemail?

By Matthew Hilton

Sure, from a personal level, many folks believe that the voicemail is going the way of the fax machine or the dodo bird.  Will the voicemail become a relic only

Improved Call Control with Switchvox My Calls Widget

By Matthew Hilton

Switchboard My Calls Widget  With the release of Switchvox 6.4, a small, but interesting thing happened to the My Calls widget.  It grew up.  It got more, um, widget-ness.  With

Digium D80 Touchscreen IP Phone Named UC Product of the Year

By Matthew Hilton

It’s official: D80 touchscreen IP phone is award-winning. In early February of this year, we announced our latest IP phone – the D80, the phone that we passionately stated was poised

A Changing Industry: Avaya, Open Standards and the Future of Telecom

By Matthew Hilton

The telecom industry has been experiencing a lot of changes recently, especially among some of its top vendors. By now, most people have heard news of Avaya’s bankruptcy filing. While