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Leslie Conway joined Digium in June of 2008 as Vice President of Global Marketing. Conway is responsible for setting world-wide marketing strategy and executing corporate, product and channel marketing activities to position Digium as a visionary leader in open source communications and IP telephony. Conway has more than 20 years experience in technology marketing and channel development. For the past 17 years she worked at ADTRAN, a networking and telecommunications company, where she most recently served as Vice President of Global Marketing responsible for corporate, product and channel marketing as well as pre-sales technical support and training. Additionally, Conway served in senior positions responsible for product marketing, product management and distribution sales. Prior to joining ADTRAN, Conway worked as a product manager at Intergraph Corporation and as a design engineer for General Electric. Conway holds a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, a master's degree in management and a master's degree in business administration from Florida Tech.

UC Tech Chat Discusses BYOD and Wearable Tech in the Office

The concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a permanent part of the work culture, highlighted by a growing dependency on mobile devices, along with the increasing use of wearable technology. Ultimately, business leaders (and not just CTOs and IT staff) must understand how to successfully manage the evolving BYOD trend in order to both minimize risk to the business and to satisfy the needs of employees.

UC Tech Chat Wearable Tech BYOD episodeGiven the widespread interest in this issue, it seems appropriate to spotlight BYOD in this week’s episode of UC Tech Chat. Our show’s co-hosts, Brian Ferguson and Jason MeffordContinued

Digium Live Takes Closer Look at SIP Trunking and Cloud Services

Digium Live Episode 2- SIP Trunking & Cloud ServicesWhy should your business adopt SIP trunking? What are the benefits of SIP trunking or moving to the cloud? These are some of the questions addressed in our new episode of Digium Live!

Special guest, Mark Amick, our director of product management here at Digium, discusses the solutions offered through Digium Cloud Services, including our most recent addition – SIP trunking. Some of the most common concerns that come up when considering SIP trunking options include: billing options and bandwidth capacity requirements. Mark addresses both of these issues, as well as discusses the overall market for cloud-based services, noting the … Continued

UC Tech Chat Web Series Launches for SMBs



The role technology plays in business today is unprecedented. It impacts daily management and budget decisions, and shapes long-term growth. We, at Digium, wanted to talk about these issues, but from a vendor-neutral perspective – so we developed a new, web-based series to provide a platform for these conversations. I’m excited to share with you the launch of UC Tech Chat, a bi-weekly show available on YouTube.

The web series focuses on the influence of technology on businesses, from the start-up to the SMB. The show takes an educational, but lighthearted approach in discussing the way technology trends, especially … Continued

Introducing our New Company Logo!

One of the goals of the marketing department is to improve and increase Digium’s brand awareness. Guiding principles we’ve kept in mind as we’ve thought about our brands are the need to focus on a few and then to promote them consistently over time.

We know that some people are confused about our two major brands: Digium and Asterisk. Our old logo combined Digium (the company) and Asterisk (the project). However, we’ve been evolving and expanding our product lines, and we need to transition to a new company logo that will support those new product lines.

Also, we’re best known … Continued