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I'm the Asterisk Open Source Community Director. You can reach me at jtodd@digium.com. I try to work as a catalyst (yes, an over-used term) for getting ideas and code moving around in our large development community. I'm often as well a promoter, writer, encourager, and behind-the-scenes nag about all things Asterisk both in the community and within Digium.

AstriCon Update

AstriCon is less than two weeks away! If you haven’t booked your flight to Washington DC, now’s your chance! The main hotel (the Gaylord) is pretty booked, but that’s OK – there are still rooms a few hundred feet away at some of the hotels around the complex (Aloft, Wyndham, Hampton Inn, Residence Inn) and there are more hotels within a short drive/cab of the venue.

Speakers at AstriCon

We’ve got some great last-minute speakers to announce – I’m pleased to say that Ruben Sousa will be giving a talk on one of the largest open-source Asterisk installations in the … Continued

AstriCon 2010: Back to Basics

As the Asterisk project has grown, the complexity of deployments has increased, and the number of solutions surrounding the project has exploded in quantity.  Each year, the process of choosing what talks to put in AstriCon has become more difficult, and we have seen a wealth of topics that seem to focus more and more on the very large issues surrounding deployment of Asterisk.  Architectural concepts, scaling methods, and integration with various other tools have become a theme.  This is due to the Asterisk project maturing – no longer is this just a developer conference; it’s now a conference for … Continued

Asterisk and SIP Security Redux

Another rash of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) has swept into my mailbox in the last few days, as an interview that I gave on SIP security may have been misinterpreted by some to mean something other than my intention.  My comment in the article was not that “Asterisk attacks are endemic”, but that SIP-based brute force attacks are endemic.  Every SIP system that is open to the “public” Internet is seeing large numbers of brute-force attacks.  Sites that have weak username and weak password control will be compromised – this is little different than email accounts being taken over … Continued

www.asterisk.org gets a facelift!

Asterisk is building lots of momentum; it’s obvious from the number of books, articles, videos, “how-to” documents, conferences, and resources that now flood the internet and make any search on “VoIP” almost always come up with Asterisk contained in the top pages.

But as that momentum of resources has built, some parts of the Asterisk community infrastructure haven’t kept up with the wave of new demand for information.  The “asterisk.org” website has served well over the last few years as a fairly static repository of information, but after some review it was determined that a new … Continued

AstriContest, step right up! Fastest Dude to the Dialtone!

If you’re coming out west to Glendale for AstriCon (Oct 13-15) you’ll have the chance to be a winner in more than the obvious way of being an AstriCon attendee!  There’s the chance to show off your Asterisk skills!

We all love Asterisk, and we love hooking to up to all that IP telephony stuff, but… there’s still a lot of plain ol’ telephones out there…  Welcome to the hi-tech honky tonk (no fist-fighting, just some sparring between Asterisk dudes…  Last year, we wrangled SIP phones for the prize, but this year, we’re going old-school, and sticking with analog ports.… Continued