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Gayle Magee is the Director of Worldwide Distribution Sales at Digium, Inc. She joined the firm in 2007 from ADTRAN, Inc. as the Director of Distribution. Prior to ADTRAN, Gayle was the Director of Sales for Inter-tel and Executone Information Systems, Inc. Gayle has her B.A. in Computer Science and Management from Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI. She and her husband Gary live in Pinehurst, NC and they travel extensively.

Business Continuity: Maintaining Customer Service During a Disaster


Good customer service means making it as easy as possible for customers to do business with you, despite any challenges you may be facing. One of the biggest operational challenges Digium faced was following the 2011 tornado outbreak across the Southeastern US. Five years ago today, on April 27, 2011, 60 tornadoes touched ground across Alabama alone – home to Digium headquarters. The aftermath included hundreds of lives lost, thousands injured, and 43 Alabama counties were declared as Federal Disaster Areas. Over 120,000 businesses across the state were impacted by the storms – Digium being one of them. Like many Continued

The True Value of a Value Added Distributor

business-partner-service2Today, all kinds of companies with all kinds of products use channels to sell their products and services. We do this at Digium, using resellers and distributors to help provide the best possible experience and support to our customers, worldwide. Much like paint-by-numbers, channel management is an art form – with a checklist.  And when it comes time for resellers to select the right distributors to work with, several things need to be considered. We’re fortunate to have many outstanding resellers and distributors in our channel program, but finding the right partnerships for your business is easier if you … Continued

Asterisk Subject Matter Experts Continue to Grow with Onyx Tech Distribution as a New Training Partner in Latin America

Los expertos de Asterisk están creciendo – Estamos orgullos de anunciar Onyx Tech Distribution como un compañero de entrenamiento nuevo en América Latina.

Nuestros socios canales son una increíble comunidad de expertos. Esta semana, estamos felices de anunciar que los expertos de Onyx Tech Distribution han ampliado su relación con Digium y se han convertido en un compañero de entrenamiento autorizado. Ellos se unen a una lista impresionante de expertos de Asterisk que instruyen a las personas interesadas en los beneficios de código abierto. Los clientes de América Latina se beneficiarán porque ahora hay instructores que hablan español, ofrecen las … Continued

Another winning proposition for Digium customers in the U.K.

Digium’s worldwide presence and its ability to serve VoIP customers continue to grow. This week, we are excited to announce that EntaTech, a leading IT distributor with more than 20 years of industry experience, will now distribute our Asterisk and Switchvox Unified Communications solutions to customers throughout the U.K.

Here’s what EntaTech’s Networking Channel Manager, Luke Steel,  had to say:

“VoIP has become increasingly popular with our customers. We have formulated fantastic relationships with networking vendors. We are looking to achieve similar successes from our partnership with Digium.

Working with Digium, the inventors of the Asterisk platform and Continued

Straight from the source: avoiding clones

As the original creator, maintainer and continued developer of the Asterisk Open Source Project, we provide Asterisk source code worldwide for free.  Our revenue sources to continue maintaining and developing the project come from commercial sales of our telephony cards, turn key solutions, commercial licenses, and support.  Every time you buy (or sell) genuine Digium products or services, you contribute to the Asterisk project.

Thanks to all of you, the proliferation of Asterisk has grown worldwide. The downside of this explosive growth is that we have started to see a significant number of Asterisk “clone” cards hit the Continued