Oh, what a week: new IP Phones from Digium

Wow! It’s been an exciting week here at Digium, with the announcement of our new Digium IP phones. The news definitely got a lot of people talking and we’re very appreciative to all of you who have helped spread the word. As you can imagine, everyone in our Huntsville headquarters has been busy responding to requests about the phones, but we  have also had a team of folks at ITExpo in Miami, to showcase the new phones.  If you were at ITExpo this week, we hope you took a few minutes to stop by and see us! If you missed … Continued

Is efficiency a dirty word in IT?

Is your business keeping up with national efficiency gains? A new report from the Department of Labor says U.S. workers increased efficiency by 3.1 percent – the first rise in nearly two years. Labor costs also dropped 2.4 percent. That’s good news for business owners, provided they are among those benefiting.

Yet, in today’s economic environment, efficiency gains from technology can have a negative connotation…because it may also mean replacing people’s jobs with technology. We don’t buy that – and you shouldn’t either.

In fact, now is the time you need to be as efficient as possible. That’s because … Continued

Digium Innovation Award Winner Helps Hearing-impaired Seniors

Congratulations to Clarity, a division of Plantronics, the winner of the 2011 Digium Innovation Award. The award was announced and presented at AstriCon, the official conference for Asterisk.

What makes Clarity’s Asterisk-based technology innovative?

Based in Chattanooga, Tenn., Clarity is the leading supplier of amplified telephones, notification systems, assistive listening devices and other communications devices for millions with hearing loss. With Asterisk-based technology, the company created ClarityLogic, a first-of-its-kind service that enables customer representatives to remotely retrieve and adjust settings, quickly resolving customer issues. This is critically important for Clarity’s primary customer—senior citizens—as many have a … Continued

UC Adventures: Using your phone system to bring in more business

In today’s economy, most businesses are being extra cautious in their spending and doing their best to make smart decisions on everything from operations to marketing. Yet, how many business owners realize that their phone system could be more than just another overhead expense? For some, the business phone system has become a fine-tuned Unified Communications (UC) solution that’s helping bring in more revenue.

Meet Adventure Center

Whether you’re interested in a trek across Antarctica, an African safari, or something in-between,  Adventure Center has an exotic travel experience waiting for you. In fact, their team of travel consultants are skilled … Continued

Expanding our world. A look back on this Columbus Day.

Today, many of our friends in the U.S. are enjoying celebrating Columbus Day, a national holiday in honor of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the New World.  It got us thinking that today’s modern explorers are often those who discover new “worlds” and advances through technology.

So, on this Columbus Day, we salute all of our technological explorers who are changing our world for the better!

Of course, we have to also tip our hats to our own, Mark Spencer for giving us Asterisk. We found this old Forbes Magazine article, “Dial D for Disruption,” (2006) that provides an … Continued