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David works with the Worldwide Asterisk Community for Digium, and is an Asterisk enthusiast in addition to being a Chartered Engineer, globally experienced trainer and public speaker. His experience includes Air Traffic Control communications, Wireless Local Loop, Mobile Networks, Computer Telephony, Voice over IP and Asterisk specifically. In addition to many web articles, David's publications include Asterisk 1.4: The Professional's Guide (Packt, co-author) and the contribution of a chapter (on Internationalisation) to Asterisk: The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly). David is editorially responsible for AstriCon (THE annual global Asterisk event) where he also introduced the 'Fastest Dude to the Dialtone' contest some years ago. He is a frequent speaker at AsterConference Asia (David has also MC'd at this event), IT Expo (East and West) and a number of corporate events. He has also spoken at numerous other conferences - VoIP Developer, Speech World, CT Expo and UC Expo to name a few.

WebRTC and Its Impact on the Unified Communications Landscape

Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press with movable type in 1455. Nearly 195 years later people held the first daily newspaper in Leipzig, Germany. Fast-forward another 226 years when Alexander Graham Bell patented the electric telephone. It’s amazing to think how much technology has advanced and how many different options we now have to communicate, from instant messaging to video. Equally intriguing is the realization of much shorter innovation cycles and how that impacts the business landscape. As the amount of time between advancements continues to narrow, particularly with communications, businesses are also able to shorten their adoption cycles of … Continued

Asterisk Events: a Highlight of 2014 and a Preview of the New Year

With 2014 officially behind us, and as 2015 starts, I want to take a moment to share a highlight from some of my exciting travels through Asia in 2014, and to look forward to our first event – Asterisk World – in 2015.

Looking back at a highlight of 2014: The Asterisk tour of Asia – Conferences, Courses and Community Meet-ups!

To say Asterisk is popular in Asia would be a massive understatement. The world’s most flexible and powerful IP communications engine and application development environment has found its way into the daily life of many, many people here. When I … Continued

5 Reasons Attending AstriCon in Las Vegas is No Gamble!

AstriCon 2014 is happening soon (October 22-24) in Las Vegas, and there are so many great reasons to attend that it’s difficult to know where to start…
To help explain why you *need* to be with us this year, I’ve compiled a list of 5 compelling reasons that make AstriCon a sure bet!

1Astricon 2014 speakers. People
AstriCon is the only place where you can meet so many of the great people that make the Asterisk Community interesting, diverse and vibrant. People from all over the world make the annual trip to AstriCon to learn from thought leaders, like Craig Walker Continued

Russia Hosts Asterisk Community Get-together and Reseller Event

Asterisk finds its way into all corners of the world, and downloads are particularly high in Russia – so it was a real pleasure to go there recently to meet folks from the Russian Asterisk community.
Flying into Moscow in the evening, I was met by Alexander Litnitskiy (community member and Digium authorized Asterisk trainer), who kindly took me to a hotel close to the airport.

Me and Alexander in Red Square, in front of the Kremlin
Me and Alexander in Red Square, in front of the Kremlin
Igor (in orange) looks after chan_unistim in Asterisk
Igor looks after chan_unistim in Asterisk.

The next day we found time to have a quick walk around Red Square to see the … Continued

The power of ‘Community Squared’ for RTC applications

TKamaillio World Digium Matt Jordanhe second annual Kamailio World recently took place in Berlin. In addition to two full days of case studies, tutorials and ground-breaking technology demonstrations, there were some interesting pre-conference workshops, too. Overall, the conference left many of us with an elevated appreciation of the technologies powering innovative solutions for RTC (Real Time Communications) – and for the many people powering the communities behind both Kamailio and Asterisk.

The marriage of Kamailio and Asterisk as two Open Source communications technologies with power to lend to RTC applications is a very positive one. Kamailio, being a SIP server, is capable Continued