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Dan Ribar is a lifetime technologist – born and raised in Indiana. After graduating from Purdue in 1983 with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Mr. Ribar started his professional career at Dana Corporation in 1983. Working in parallel with the American automotive Industry, Mr. Ribar became a leader in CAD, CAM, CIM, Networking and security for Dana Corporation and then for multiple integration companies in the Detroit area. Mr. Ribar then moved on to Tropicana & PepsiCo, Cellular One, and for the last five years has been with 1st Guard Corporation as their CIO.

Tips for Using Free Text to Speech (TTS) with Switchvox Phone Systems

It’s exciting to see how easy it is for our resellers and customers to customize their phone systems to meet their business needs – and then be willing to share their tips with others. In this guest blog post, Dan Ribar, CIO of 1st Guard Corporation, explains how to use a free version of Text to Speech in a Switchvox phone system. Thanks for sharing, Dan!

The natural progression for a new telephone system is to typically find it’s way to some form of dynamic IVR that looks to a database for the information.  My office has had the DigiumContinued

Using AutoDialer: A Better Way to Reach Customers

Today’s guest blogger, Dan Ribar, takes a look at how the Switchvox AutoDialer feature helped improve business operations for 1St Guard, by making it easier to reach out to their customers.

In most businesses,  there is a need to contact customers on a periodic basis for anything from appointment verification to account or billing problems. Sans technology,  the best thing has historically been to put a couple people on the telephones and have them make the calls.  Back in time, at 1st Guard, we followed this proven [lack-of] technology.

More recently we saw the emergence of Software-as-a-Service … Continued

Phone System’s Easy Integration Drives Sales for 1st Guard Corporation

After more than two years of searching for a new phone system, Digium’s Switchvox emerged as the number one contender for 1st. Guard Corporation

Today’s guest blogger, Dan Ribar, describes the results after choosing and implementing a new business phone system for 1St Guard Corporation. Key features in the Switchvox UC solution made integration simple – and ultimately made a difference in supporting their customers.

I tell my boss [and wife] that everything I do has a selfish undertone, and picking a new phone system doesn’t deviate from that path.   The beauty of technology from my perspective … Continued