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Asterisk Live: Call Recording Solutions with OrecX

See OrecX with Asterisk Live on Asterisk.orgIn this episode of Asterisk Live, Bruce Kaskey, COO of OrecX joins the call to discuss voice recording with Asterisk. Bruce notes with some dry humor, “We are not a vacuum cleaning company.” OrecX, which stands for “Open Recording Systems,” provides both open source and commercial versions of their call recording and voice data software. Their solutions work in tandem with Asterisk to do passive, SPAN-based calling recording. This offloads the CPU of your Asterisk PBX allowing it to be able to handle more simultaneous call load. Additionally, OrecX provides data solutions that allow for screen capture recording. SMB Contact Continued

Video: Phone vs Stick Bomb, Who Will Win?

What is a better way to start off the week than checking out a funny video and learning something new?

Take a look to see what happens when a Digium IP Phone goes head-to-head against a stick bomb. What is a stick bomb? Keep reading and you will see.


Most people that have seen this video have immediately asked me several questions. I’m not sure what makes this video in particular so enigmatic, but I am happy to oblige with some answers.

How did this crazy video come about?

Here at Digium, the team has been working to put … Continued

Asterisk Live Interview with Peter Dunkley

See Peter Dunkley with Asterisk Live on Asterisk.orgIn this week’s episode of Asterisk Live, I had the privilege of interviewing Peter Dunkley, Technical Director at Crocodile RCS. We discussed Asterisk usage in WebRTC environments and pairing Asterisk together with a SIP proxy, such as Kamailio. This is a trend within the current technology space. Asterisk has always served many uses beyond the simple PBX system. However, recently I have seen increasing conversation around Asterisk deployed as a specialized component within large, sophisticated communications solutions. One of my articles on NoJitter describes how Asterisk is deployed as a media server. I recommend reading this article to … Continued

Supercharge Your FreePBX Install with Digium IP Phones

FreePBX Apps Webinar

We’re hosting a free webinar where you can learn how to supercharge your FreePBX deployment by using FreePBX Phone Apps together with Digium IP Phones.

Preston McNairGuest presenter Preston McNair of Schmooze Com will show you how to enhance your user experience with phone apps such as Call Parking, Follow Me, Do Not Disturb and Conferencing. These apps run natively on Digium IP phones by taking advantage of the Digium Phone App Engine. The apps communicate over a REST API to FreePBX, allowing rich data and realtime information to be used right from the phone’s interface. Not to mention, anytime … Continued

Asterisk Live with Allison Smith, the Voice of Asterisk

See Allison Smith with Asterisk Live on Asterisk.org For this week’s edition of Asterisk Live I was able to catch up with Allison Smith while at ITEXPO in Miami. Allison is a professional voice actor who provides voice audio prompts for business IVRs and menus. Because Allison recorded the default prompts that come with Asterisk she is able to provide custom prompts that match, giving a professional sound when customers call in to a business.

Allison speaks about her experience with AstriCon having been a member of the community for many years along with what it was like to attend the very first AstriCon. In 2014, Asterisk is a … Continued