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Asterisk Live: Marco Signorini

Asterisk Lead Engineer on Asterisk.org In this episode of Asterisk Live, Marco Signorini, Engineering Lead for Loway, describes some of the technical challenges that arise when engineering Asterisk solutions. In particular we discuss WebRTC and how it can be used in contact center applications. The new QueueMetrics Agent Page makes use of WebRTC to provide the communications channel directly into the Agents’s browser application.

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What Does an Asterisk Applications Engineer Do?

Asterisk Application Engineer on Asterisk.org In this edition of Asterisk Live, Digium’s own Cody Stewart joins the call to discuss solutions consulting and Asterisk applications. Cody works with customers to get them connected to the right products and services to help them make the most of their Asterisk installations.

During the interview Cody shares some success stories of how businesses have been able to implement open source Asterisk to save money and simplify their IT infrastructure. Cody was able to connect them with the right Digium products to meet their needs.

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Innovative Asterisk Use Case Provides Safety

Asterisk Use Case on Asterisk.orgIn an innovative use of a custom Asterisk solution, IPphonia (Telecomunicaciones Abiertas de México) created an emergency notification solution to allow quick response aid to journalists in danger. Director of Operations for IPphonia, Juan Carlos Fernadez joins Billy Chia and David Duffett for an Asterisk Live interview to talk about this interesting Asterisk use case. Juan Carlos describes the need for a safety solution and how Asterisk steps up to help in the most dire of situations. Watch now:


Interview with Loway Founder Lorenzo Emilitri

See Loway on Asterisk Live on Asterisk.orgLorenzo Emilitri, founder of Loway, joins this edition of Asterisk Live to talk about improving performance via measurement and analytics. Loway is a Swiss development company that provides professional solutions for contact centers based on Asterisk. In the interview, we discuss the results of recent research conducted into customer satisfaction. There has been lots of feedback and excitement surrounding the positive results, and Lorenzo and I have both blogged on the topic. You can read Lorenzo’s post discussing Asterisk in the Call Center and access the survey results there, as well. You may also want to read my … Continued

Mark Spencer Interview Live from 10,000 Feet

In this week’s episode of Asterisk Live, creator of Asterisk and CTO of Digium, Mark Spencer grants a unique interview live from the cockpit of his DA40 Diamond Star aircraft. Many of you know that Mark is a talented engineer and technologist, but did you know he is also an accomplished pilot?


Asterisk Past and Future

In this interview Mark reveals which is more difficult – writing code or flying a plane. (The answer may surprise you.) While on the flight we had the chance to talk Asterisk past, sharing some stories from the early days of Asterisk and Digium. … Continued