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Betsy Pruitt loves finding data that can help drive business decisions. With nine years experience in marketing research, she has worked in both the telecommunications industry and small business sector. This gives her a unique perspective on how Unified Communications can benefit small- and medium-sized businesses.

5 Ways to Survive Valentine’s Day

No matter what your relationship status is this Valentine’s Day, Switchvox has the features to help you survive the holiday. Here are five quick reasons why you’ll love Digium’s award-winning phone system.

5 Ways to Survive Valentine's Day with a Switchvox Phone System

Find Me Follow Me Phone System Feature1)  Miss your sweetheart?

Feeling tied to your desk, worried your sweetheart might call the minute you get up? With Switchvox’s Find Me/Follow Me Call Cascading feature, you can easily route calls to your mobile phone, so if you don’t pick up your office phone within two rings, you’ll never miss a call from your sweetie again.

IVR Feature in Switchvox Phone Systems2) Looking for someone who really listens?

Might I suggest … Continued

Chill out with Mark Spencer

Mark Spencer is a pretty cool guy. In case you don’t know, he’s the founder of Digium and the mastermind behind Asterisk, the world’s most popular open-source communications platform. Impressive, I know! He’s definitely someone you’d want to chill out with and shoot the breeze.

Now, you can! Introducing Flat Mark, the portable go-anywhere version of Mark Spencer. Take Flat Mark on adventures around your neighborhood or around the world, and snap a photo to document your fun together. Vacations, family reunions, business meetings, grocery shopping, a night on the town - Yes! Flat Mark is ready to … Continued

Gifts for Geeks – Treat Yourself!

What’s the biggest holiday shopping trend this year?  Buying gifts for yourself. Yup, that’s right! Or, as they’d say on Parks and Recreation, “Treat. Yo. Self!”

At Digium, we gathered some fun things from around the interwebz to help you shop for the most important person on your shopping list – YOU. For starters, might we suggest our cafe’s own Open Source Blend Coffee?

Gifts for Geeks Pinterest Board

Gifts for Geeks Ideas on Pinterest

Check out our full list of recommendations on this Geeky Gift Ideas Pinterest board and pretend to shop for your friends and family. Of course, we all know who Continued

Small Business Tax Deductions for 2012 – Are you taking advantage of Section 179?

One of the best small business tax deductions for 2012 is Section 179 for qualifying equipment purchases. In fact, it can actually enhance your bottom line. Instead of depreciating your asset over multiple years, Section 179 allows you to write off the entire amount all at once as an expense. Now, that’s a business stimulus you can use!

Here’s a quick example to show you the savings on a typical Switchvox phone system, which qualifies under Section 179.

Section 179 Small Business Tax Deductions 2012
Click image to enlarge.

Tax code can be complicated.  That’s why we’ve compiled a Section 179 Quick Summary Guide & Tips Continued

Why Unified Communications? (NEW Infographic Explains)

If you’ve been asking, “Why Unified Communications?” – the answer is simple.

UC saves your business time and money – 115 minutes a day per employee. As this Unified Communications Infographic shows, that adds up to $920,000 a year in savings for a company with 100 employees.

Why Unified Communications Infographic


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Just think what your business could accomplish this year if every employee in your organization had an extra 115 … Continued