What Makes Great MVPs… and I’m not talking Most Valuable Players

By Lauren Sanderson
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With the Superbowl behind us, there’s a lot of talk about black-outs, ads, Beyonce and more. While we could easily talk about those topics too, today I’m asking the question “What makes a great MVP?” And no, I’m not talking about Most Valuable Player. I’m talking about the MVP for business… the Most Valuable Phone system.

When we asked IT Pros in the Spiceworks VoIP Community their top 3 determining factors are when choosing a phone system, the responses were pretty unanimous. Check out the infographic below for the breakdown of what factors make up their MVP list and see if you agree.


Not surprisingly, 26 out of 33 respondents indicated that initial cost/total cost of ownership were in their top 3, while features, ease of use for administrators, and support rounded out the top 4.  These are all things that make Digium’s Switchvox business phone system an all-star. Frost & Sullivan recognized Digium for our “continued focus on delivering best-in-class business IP communications solutions with compelling functionality and competitive pricing.” According to these leading analysts, Digium “helps businesses have their own tailored IP PBX in a very cost-effective, yet large-scale manner.”

It sounds like Switchvox is exactly what SMBs and IT professionals are looking for… an affordable solution that is packed with the features you expect, usability you deserve, and backed by the support you need.

Can your current phone system perform under pressure? Does it have the features needed to take you to the next level? Does it run efficiently and provide you with the best bang for your buck? Experience the Switchvox demo and see why Switchvox is quickly becoming the MVPs of businesses around the world.

You’ll soon think about  putting that old phone system on the bench.

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