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2013 Trends in Business Phone Systems – Frost & Sullivan Research

Join us Jan. 9 at 2PM CST for trends in UC and tips for choosing a VoIP phone system
When comparing apples to apples, there’s a clear winner when businesses like yours need a better phone system. Understanding the business communication trends is the first step when comparing top vendor solutions and choosing a better phone system.

Our experts will discuss the research from leading Frost & Sullivan analysts so you can learn the driving factors influencing communications in today’s economic environment for Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs).  Hear … Continued


For those of you that are certain the world’s ending tomorrow, and who were worried that Digium hadn’t been thinking about your concerns, fear no more!

Digium’s intrepid engineering team were hard at work months in advance building a special feature into each and every one of our Digium phones. That’s right, each Digium phone, models D50 and D70 only, has been shipped with a special feature rendering the phone capable of detecting disaster. Internally, we’ve been calling it “Apocalprox 2000. ™” Apocalprox 2000 is an advanced apocalypse proximity detection system made possible because our Digium phones’ silicon is made … Continued

Asterisk: Prompts I Wish I Had – Now Available in Asterisk Extra Sounds

I’ve got a surprise for you and it may even be cooler than yesterday’s date (12/12/12 in case you were not paying attention)! You may or may have not heard about “Asterisk Prompts I Wish I Had” – a collaboration between Steve Sokol of Digium and Allison Smith of The IVR Voice. The idea was to record a broad selection of funny and functional sound prompts, submitted by You, the Community of Asterisk users.

So now to the point – earlier this year the first set of recordings was released. Now, it’s available in Asterisk’s English extra sounds package!… Continued

2013 Trends in Business Phone Systems – Finding a Better Solution

Remember rotary phones? It’s hard to believe how much phones have changed through the years. It’s even more incredible to think about how much a phone system can do for your business, today. Now, the question becomes: What should you expect in 2013 and which trends in business phone systems will actually help drive more results?

With Unified Communications providing more convenient and affordable access to a multitude of integrated features, Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) can have more than a phone system. When choosing the right UC solution, a company’s primary business communications tool (the once humble telephone) can … Continued