Asterisk Dimensioning: What server do I need?

In our training classes, we’re frequently asked to recommend hardware specs for an Asterisk server in a given setting. We welcome the “mini consulting” opportunities we get by interacting with students in live training classes, but this particular question continually challenges us. Unfortunately, there’s no “magic formula” we can use or recommend to answer the question easily. But the fact that there is no simple answer doesn’t mean there’s no answer at all. Keep reading for a rundown of the various factors we consider when assessing just how beefy the hardware running your Asterisk system needs to be.

As a … Continued

AstriCon: How will you spend your $200 savings?

Imagine the possibilities.  The look on your face as you realize you just saved yourself $200 bucks and STILL are able to attend THE Asterisk Users Conference and Exhibition this October 23-25 in Atlanta, Georgia. The elation!

This brings the question, what would YOU do in Atlanta with the $200 bucks you just saved by registering now for AstriCon with our early adopters price.

The conference hotel is smack in the middle of downtown Atlanta, giving you plenty of options of what to do with that extra 200 bucks!  Here are just a few suggestions:

  1. FOOD!  Who doesn’t like a

Join Us At voip2day + ElastixWorld in Madrid

This coming Sunday I will be heading to Madrid, Spain for the combined voip2day + ElastixWorld conference which takes place from Tuesday, September 25 – Thursday, September 27 at the IFEMA fair center.  This will be my first trip to Spain since 2005, when Olle Johansson and I put on AstriCon Europe, the first Asterisk event held outside of the US and the second ever AstriCon.  We managed to bring together about 200 Asterisk users and developers which I consider to be quite a feat given the fact that neither of us spoke a word of Spanish.  Madrid is … Continued

Developing in Asterisk: The Asterisk 11 Configuration Framework

This post on the Digium blog represents the first in a new series, “Developing in Asterisk”, focusing on (of all things) Asterisk development. The topics will explore building things inside and on top of Asterisk – everything from core Asterisk development to building external applications utilizing Asterisk interfaces. Since Asterisk is a continually evolving project, these blog posts will link to content on the Asterisk wiki. That way, as things change, the content can change along with it!

As the first installment in this series, here is an overview of using the new Configuration Framework for Asterisk modules in Continued