Telephony Ponderings

The world of telephony’s pretty big. Sometimes, you can find yourself caught up in all of it, without a rudder, noodling on things that are just too big to answer.

So, you make a Youtube video –

Maybe you’ve had ponderings, too?

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Digium lifer, celebrator of 13 Digium birthdays, and Digium employee #4. "I like te-lephony and I cannot lie. You other vendors can't deny; When a call comes in with MOS so you can't hear and some echo in your ear you get angry!" - Sir Mix-a-Malcolm

2 Responses to “Telephony Ponderings”

  1. Rusty

    Hilarious! I’m feeling this was influenced by SNL’s old Deep Thought’s sketches.

  2. Joe

    You definitely saved the best for last ;-)

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