As Kevin Fleming says “So long, and thanks for all the fish!”, we say thank you – and look to the future

It’s amazing what you can learn in a few days…

Having just found out that Queen Elizabeth has a great sense of humor, it has now emerged that Kevin Fleming – a man who (both with and without his moustache) has been an amazing contributor and influencer in the Asterisk project is set to move on to a new challenge outside the project – but still within the realms of Open Source.

Kevin has been involved with Asterisk for 7+ years, and has been both a thought leader and a powerful voice in the Asterisk world during that time. I … Continued

Digium Phones and Asterisk, what’s new?


Today, we’re pleased to announce new releases of several different softwares:

  • Digium Phone firmware 1.1.0
  • DPMA 1.2
  • Certified Asterisk 1.8.11-cert5

All three are designed to be used together to provide users of Digium phones with a number of new features, including:

  • EHS for Plantronics headsets
  • DNS SRV lookups
  • Send To / Dial VM – Calls directed to phones may now be sent directly to voicemail or transferred directly to a Contact’s voicemail. Or, those calls may be ignored and they can continue to traverse the dialplan – an extremely useful feature.
  • Call Queue App – Queue members can now

Asterisk 11 Development: The Motive for chan_motif

If you’ve been watching the Asterisk trunk subversion repository lately, you may have noticed a new channel driver suddenly appear: chan_motif. And you may have asked, yourself, “Motif? What’s a motif? What new fangled protocol is that?”

Well, we’re going to explain all that, but first, a bit of history.

Back in 02/04/06, what would become chan_jingle was added to Asterisk. At the time, it serviced both what was expected to be the Jingle protocol, as well as Google Talk. Of course, this soon proved to be problematic: the protocol Google implemented wasn’t conforming to the Jingle draft … Continued

Asterisk 11 Development: Call IDs for Asterisk Logs

The beta of Asterisk 11 is rapidly approaching, and we thought we’d highlight some of the features that have been added to Asterisk in this new major release. Previously, Kevin discussed WebSocket support – this time, we’ll look at Call ID logging. The original idea for Call IDs came from a member of the Asterisk Open Source Developer community, Clod Patry, and was implemented for Asterisk 11 by our own Jonathan Rose.

So what is Call ID logging? While we’d like to say that Asterisk never needs to be debugged, it’s often the case that you need to … Continued

Asterisk StartUp Bootcamp @ AstriCon 2012?

I was talking with Steve Sokol just recently, and he was saying how great it would be to add something new to AstriCon this year.

For those that don’t know, Steve is a co-founder of AstriCon, the grand-daddy of AstriCon, and he is one of only a very few people that have been to every AstriCon – the others being Mark Spencer (as one might expect) and Leif Madsen.

Steve’s amazing breadth of knowledge, experience of all things Asterisk and his history with AstriCon leave me feeling like the new boy, having only gone to my first AstriCon in 2006