Digium’s New Asterisk Community Support Manager: Rusty Newton

We’d like you all to help us welcome Rusty Newton to Digium’s Asterisk development and community support team!

Rusty has been with Digium for over five years, starting in the Technical Support department and then moving to a sales position where he assisted customers with Asterisk and Switchvox solutions for their business needs. Prior to joining Digium, he spent more than five years in the telecom industry, installing, configuring and maintaining PBXs. A couple of weeks ago, he moved into a new role (for him and for Digium), Community Support Manager.

In this role he’ll be the primary person … Continued

Asterisk 11 Development: WebRTC/RTCWeb support

Early in 2012, the Asterisk development team at Digium got together to put together a list of projects we wanted to complete for the upcoming release of Asterisk 11. As you can imagine, there’s no shortage of feature requests out there… but we can’t do it all, and of course we still have to fix bugs, get maintenance releases out the door, and support the user community.

After much discussion, we settled on the list of projects on this page; many of these have been on the wish lists produced from Asterisk Developer’s Conference sessions in past years. As of … Continued

Gateways In Action: How To Avoid Annoying Dinosaurs With Forklifts

PBX systems are generally viewed as a long-term investment. According to the industry mavens who track buying trends, most companies refresh their voice communications technology about once every 10 years – generally when moving to a new location or when some kind of tragedy strikes the old system. Compared with computers, which tend to be replaced every 36 months, PBXs move at a glacial pace. Why the slow roll on the phone gear? Because changing out the old in favor of the new is disruptive, expensive and historically didn’t bring much of a value-add to the company. But as … Continued