Oh Certified Asterisk, Where Do You Come From?

(Wherein Kevin explains how Asterisk branching, tagging and releases work, and how Certified Asterisk fits into the picture… with an actual picture!)

A couple of days ago, Malcolm Davenport posted here about Certified Asterisk, a new series of Open Source Asterisk releases being produced by Digium. Since that post went out, there’s been some discussion (almost confusion) in the Asterisk community about exactly where the Certified Asterisk releases are coming from, and what they contain. In order to try to help describe how this whole process works, I’ve created this page on the Asterisk Wiki which includes a … Continued

What Art Thou, Oh Certified Asterisk?

(Wherein Malcolm does his best to explain the nifty new branch of Asterisk)

Why art thou?

    Pease porridge hot, pease porridge cold,
    Pease porridge in the pot, nine days old;
    Some like it hot, some like it cold,
    Some like it in the pot, nine days old.
    – Traditional

Some users want the latest and greatest Asterisk. They’ve got a particular bug fix they’re keen about and they don’t want to mess around applying patches. If you’re this type of user, you’ll get the fix for your issues, and generally other people’s fixes, in the monthly point release.

Some … Continued

Business communications: Top 7 List of Common Mistakes

Phones have been a big topic around Digium lately. As we wrap up this week, I thought it might be fun to take a lighthearted look at business phone etiquette. Considering the number of conference calls that occur these days, it seems only natural to zero in on the pitfalls to avoid and tips to consider on your calls.

Along with some of my co-workers, I have created this top 7 list of “What Not to Do” when using your speakerphone:

  1. Don’t place someone on speaker without first telling all parties involved in the call.
  2. Don’t assume everyone knows who

Asterisk and Switchvox Experts Start Talking: Digium Phones

The excitement continues at Digium this week as our NEW family of high-definition Digium IP phones have started shipping. For those of you who have been waiting to learn more, and to get your hands on these new phones, we’ve got Asterisk and Switchvox UC experts ready to talk about the Digium phones in upcoming webinars, followed by brief Q&A sessions.

Hopefully, you’ve already heard enough to know that these are the first phones designed to fully leverage the power of Asterisk, the world’s most widely adopted open source communications software, and Switchvox, Digium’s award-winning unified communications (UC) … Continued

Going for the Gold with Unified Communications

With only a few months until the 2012 Summer Olympics, one UK based company has already begun their Olympic training by allowing 3,000 of its headquarters staff to work from home. The idea was to prep for issues that might arise during the Olympic games, or any other event that might affect business continuity. According the Computer World UK, following the daylong experiment, 88% of staff members reported being just as productive working from home while 36% more said they were actually more productive.

Working remotely has been around for years. However, the growth and advancement of … Continued