Asterisk 10 Lives!

If you grew up in the late 1970s or early 1980s you might remember a series of commercials starring world renowned director and actor Orson Wells.  The commercials, which promoted the now defunct Paul Masson winery, always ended with the catchphrase “We’ll sell no wine before its time.” intoned with great feeling.  It’s undeniably sad that an iconic 20th century artist such as Wells was reduced to hawking cheap bubbly, but that catch phrase was pure gold.  It speaks of a commitment to quality.  It reminds us that great things cannot be rushed.  And as it is with wine, so … Continued

Numbers don’t lie: A new UC solution costs less than an existing phone system.

We recently had the opportunity to talk with many of our customers and partners from around the world. It’s always interesting to hear the great stories about how both Switchvox and Asterisk are helping our customers solve a communication challenge while also providing the best value. In fact, we keep hearing that customers are surprised to discover the substantial features offered at such a low cost, especially when comparing it to other competing solutions. But, they are even more surprised to learn that a new Digium UC solution can actually save them money over their existing, old phone system. … Continued

Kick-start Your Asterisk Resolutions – Miami Style

Ready to make your Asterisk resolution? Yes, we realize December is a busy time of year. But, it also happens to be the time of year when people start making plans for 2012, including New Year’s resolutions.  We feel confident that learning a new skill – or enhancing an existing one – must be at the top of your list for the coming year. More specifically, you are probably gearing up to learn or improve your knowledge of Asterisk!

Here’s the good news. Asterisk continues to rank as the most widely used open source communications platform worldwide – so, … Continued

Digium has your back with new R-Series Redundancy Appliances

In case you haven’t heard, we just introduced our family of Redundancy appliances, officially called “R-Series.” Using these inexpensive, flexible products, administrators of Asterisk-based communications systems can build fully redundant solutions that allow continued communications in the event of a software or hardware failure. The R-Series products used in conjunction with Asterisk will ensure communications resiliency in the most demanding environments.

In other words, R-Series appliances allow physical-layer failover of digital (T1, E1, PRI or BRI) or analog telephone connections to Asterisk systems. If the primary server fails, the R-Series device will move all telecommunications services to the backup server. … Continued