Asterisk Around the World

What can be found in more than 170 countries and has logged millions of downloads? Asterisk! The leading open source communications platform, Asterisk has provided telephony solutions for companies of all types and sizes, including the likes of Google, IBM and Yahoo!  Yet, not everyone realizes the global footprint that Asterisk and Digium have, today. So, we thought it might be interesting to share a few success stories from across different parts of the globe.

Consider this Asterisk success story from the City of Schoten, Belgium:

Around the world, organizations are conscious about IT spending and are continually evaluating Continued

Unlocking the Value of UC

Business owners often ask, “What is Unified Communications?” While those of us in the industry know UC well and understand the benefits of it, others are still figuring it out. In this quick overview, I thought it important to look at the value UC offers – and it starts with a simple question about IP Communications.

Why are businesses rapidly adopting IP Communications? The answer is simple:  To remain competitive.

Business executives must assess and improve their operations enabling flexibility, efficiency and profitability in their practices. IP Communications is the backbone to every major phone network today and … Continued

Calls for Free… AstriCon 2011

With less than 30 days until AstriCon, the longest running conference devoted to the Asterisk communications platform, excitement is growing as we anticipate reuniting with the “who’s-who” of the Asterisk Community.

It’s much like a family reunion, where we spend quality time sharing stories of the successes we have experienced over the last year.  Of course, each year we look forward to attending the insightful sessions and panels, like the one from David Duffett, which offers the perk of possibly scoring some yummy British chocolate! And those in our Asterisk Community can’t wait for their turn for a … Continued

Fastest Dude to the Dialtone… and more at AstriCon 2011

It’s almost time for the eighth annual AstriCon Open Source Telephony Conference, the longest running conference devoted to the Asterisk communications platform. This year’s three-day event kicks-off October 25 and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Among this year’s lineup are a two very intriguing keynote speakers, fantastic sponsors ready to give away some amazing prizes, informative break-out sessions, and an exhilarating contest on the evening of October 26 to determine, once and for all, who will take home the title of “Fastest Dude to the Dialtone.” Ready to hear more?

AstriCon is fortunate to include among its … Continued

Hit it out of the park with Digium.

Stephen hits a stunner!

As we get ready for the weekend, we thought it would be nice to spotlight some of our team members who consistently hit it out of the park for Digium – on and off the field! It’s also a great opportunity to remember the success we all find when we manage to balance hard work with a bit of fun.

“In order that people may be happy in their work, these three things are needed: They must  be fit for it. They must not do too much of it. And they must have a sense of Continued