Avoiding a communications meltdown – planning for business continuity.

It’s been a rough year in many regions given the wave of natural disasters. For businesses, this is an opportunity for a conversation about business continuity and what it takes to keep your business communications powered. Today, we kick off a series of discussions on business continuity from guest blogger and Digium partner, Scott Pell, of API Digital. Scott provides a “behind-the-scenes” look at how API and Digium responded to a critical weather event that seriously threatened both companies’ business operations.

Scott Pell, API Digital

When we leave the house to go to work, it never runs through … Continued

Skype for Asterisk end of sale – July 26, 2011

Skype for Asterisk will not be available for sale or activation after July 26, 2011.

This unique software provides Asterisk with a native connection to the Skype network, including abilities to call Skype names directly, publish and use presence information, exchange text chat messages, and much more. This native connection is significantly more powerful than a SIP-only service. It has been used to build impressive telephony integrations and mashups using Asterisk, Skype, and other technologies.

Skype for Asterisk has also been a strong and steady seller for Digium. With hundreds of sales each month, many thousands of businesses worldwide are … Continued

Digium Partners Helping Communities

It’s no secret that Digium has a tremendous number of dedicated customers and partners who are willing to step up and lend a helping hand. That’s certainly one of the advantages of having a successful, innovative business – you are sometimes in a better position to help others when the opportunity presents itself.

Most recently, one of our partners, Scott Pell from SystemsN and API Digital, was able to assist organizations in North Alabama with their communications networks during an extended power outage – a result of the severe outbreak of tornadoes that hit several states across the southeast … Continued

Microsoft plus Skype, equals Microsoft

The simple equation of the Skype acquisition:

Microsoft + Skype = MICROSOFT

Our industry segment is abuzz with actual and wannabe industry analysts attempting to decipher the true strategy behind the Microsoft acquisition of Skype. The $8.53 billion dollars that Microsoft paid represents 17% of their available cash war chest and is the single largest acquisition they have done to date. It appears that the acquisition was a perfect storm for the Skype team: their intention of going public and the ongoing negotiations with Google and Facebook forced Microsoft to act decisively – and boldly.

The Numbers:

Post acquisition, Microsoft … Continued

AstriCon Flashback: Watch, comment and win.

AstriCon flashback: are you in this video?

It’s time to reach back into our video vault. Since we just announced that beautiful Denver, Colorado will host AstriCon 2011, we thought it would be fun to revisit AstriCon 2010!  Ah, memories. If you attended last year’s event, you know what we mean when we say, “You’ve got to be there! It’s a can’t miss event!” In fact, take a look at this video and see if you can spot yourself – or someone you know.

Just for fun, after you watch the video leave a comment on this blog telling Continued