Digium Update – Friday April 29

Following Wednesday’s violent weather, Digium continues to operate with a skeleton staff.  As of this morning, power to the region has not been restored, and local carriers and ISPs are experiencing intermittent service outages.  Consequently, access to Digium personnel and services remains unreliable.  However, support and operations personnel are in place to assist customers with any critical technical issues and priority product needs.  If initial attempts to contact us prove unsuccessful – please be persistent.  Updates will be posted here as the situation evolves.

Danny… Continued

Digium Operations Impacted by Tornado Outbreak

Dear customers, friends and colleagues of Digium,

The region of the US where Digium is headquartered (North Alabama) was hit hard yesterday by the worst tornado outbreak in 30 years.  Thankfully, we are unaware of any injuries to Digium employees.  However, several employees, and many of our friends, neighbors, and colleagues have sustained significant personal property loss or damage.   Power is out across the entire region (over 1M people)  with over 80 transmission lines that supply the region having been destroyed.  Estimates are that over 200 people were killed, 40 of them in north Alabama, 8 in our local community.  … Continued

Astricon 2011 Call for Speakers

It’s that time of year again!  Digium is excited to announce Astricon 2011 to be held October 25-27 this year in Denver, Colorado.  Now that we know where and when this year’s conference will be held, we are putting out a Call for Speakers to the community of Asterisk users, developers and partners.

This year’s conference will highlight use of Asterisk and associated technologies in five different categories:

  • Enterprise / Large Scale
  • Cloud
  • Innovation
  • Tutorials / Development
  • Business

If you have a presentation that you think other Asterisk users and developers would find interesting, please take a moment to … Continued

Asterisk SCF Performs at SIPit 28

Digium was honored to host the SIP Forum’s SIPit 28 interoperability testing event April 11-15 in Huntsville, Alabama. At this event, Asterisk SCF was put through a series of tests to gauge its compliance with SIP standards and its performance interoperating with other vendors’ SIP implementations. The Asterisk SCF development team at Digium was excited to see that the platform, while still early in its development, performed well. A number of issues with Asterisk SCF were addressed and repaired during the event and the product continues its march toward a 1.0 release by the end of 2011. Here is a


Asterisk Sound Files 101!

Need a little help mastering sound files? In an interview with Digium’s Rod Montgomery, I get him to share some great tips and answers to common questions in this audio file primer, discussing the properties, aspects, and care and feeding of Asterisk prompts.

As a professional in the area of voice talent, I have many clients – especially those new to the process of working with Asterisk – who are a little stymied by the file format characteristics, the attributes of the sound files, and the proper techniques for converting and installing files so they sound the very best … Continued