Video Vault: Digium Innovation Award winner, ITCenter

Today, we reached into our video vault and are looking back at our 2010 Digium Innovation Award winner, ITCenter, located in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal.

In this video, IT Center’s Ruben Sosa explains how they used Asterisk to interconnect 48 Portuguese Higher Education and Scientific Institutions. In fact, IT Center integrated 220 existing legacy PBX systems and enabled VoIP communications between all the institutions without any change to its existing phone systems. The implementation meant centralized management and billing of both the legacy and new system, while supporting an infrastructure that processes approximately 7 million calls, monthly.

ITCenter, Continued

Asterisk Dev Team Releases Binary Packages

Compile no more my friends, for binary packages are here!  Yesterday (March 28, 2011) the Asterisk development team opened the doors on a new package repository for users of Debian and Ubuntu, two of the most popular Linux distributions.  Those repos complement the existing RedHat Enterprise Linux / CentOS Linux repositories that Digium has maintained for the past several years.  As of now you can quickly and easily install and maintain Asterisk using apt (Ubuntu/Debian) or yum (RHEL/CentOS) package management utilities.

“Why would I want binary packages?” you may ask.  Well, because they make your life much simpler.  Installation tools … Continued

Phone System’s Easy Integration Drives Sales for 1st Guard Corporation

After more than two years of searching for a new phone system, Digium’s Switchvox emerged as the number one contender for 1st. Guard Corporation

Today’s guest blogger, Dan Ribar, describes the results after choosing and implementing a new business phone system for 1St Guard Corporation. Key features in the Switchvox UC solution made integration simple – and ultimately made a difference in supporting their customers.

I tell my boss [and wife] that everything I do has a selfish undertone, and picking a new phone system doesn’t deviate from that path.   The beauty of technology from my perspective … Continued

Are You an Innovator?

Digium is excited to announce that we are now accepting submissions for the 2011 Asterisk Innovation Awards! Established in 2006, the Digium Innovation Award is designed to recognize developers, customers and partners for outstanding achievements with Asterisk that are improving business processes, overcoming technology challenges and enhancing the company’s bottom line.

Here are just a few of the benefits of being named the Digium Innovation winner:

  • Hotel accommodations (2 nights) and airfare for one to AstriCon
  • Presentation of the award with a profile of your company in the AstriCon Conference General session
  • Congratulatory press release from Digium, Inc.
  • Listing