A New Way to Get Involved!

In our never-ending quest to improve the Asterisk project and to expand the capabilities of open source communications, Digium is proud to announce two new weekly developer conference calls:

The Asterisk Developer Conference Call

This weekly call will cover everything that’s new and exciting in the development and maintenance of the Asterisk project.  All Asterisk Community members and developers are welcome and encouraged to attend.  This call is held on Thursdays and staggers between morning and late afternoon EST to accommodate participation from multiple time zones.  Detailed call information and linkable calendar URL are available from the Asterisk project wiki … Continued

The 15 Commandments of IVR

Commandment #15: “Write in a Conversational Tone”
This blog entry wraps up my 15-part series – and I’m ending on a topic which excites me the most. As someone who voices telephone prompts on a daily basis, I’m pleased to report a trend in IVR “style” which makes systems more personable, more accessible – and more “human” than ever before.

IVR designers and writers are getting farther and farther away from the “automaton” style of years past – they are less interested in fostering the “robotic”, unemotional voice once thought to be a necessary element in IVR systems, and the … Continued

Asterisk Celebrates World Championship!

Having just completed a successful 11-plus year worldwide campaign, the Asterisk Open Source Communications toolkit has returned victorious from its match in the desert against the forces of Proprietary Telecommunications. The outcome was never in doubt, as Asterisk overwhelmed Proprietary Telecommunications while the opening whistle still echoed in the ears of the adoring Asterisk faithful. Coach Mark Spencer, seen here hoisting the crystal asterisk, had this to say: “Our code, the software that we built, line by line, function by function, just proved to the world what we’ve known for 11 years now, [that] Asterisk is the best software for … Continued

PBX in the Cloud or in the Closet?

In advance of a planned panel discussion on this topic at IT Expo in Miami next month, I decided to take a moment to formalize my thoughts on the merits of both the hosted and premises PBX deployment models.  At risk of coming off as indecisive, I am going to go ahead and say that there are arguments both for and against hosted and premises solutions that depend heavily upon customer size, needs, network infrastructure, planned use and growth forecasts.  Generally, the way in which these variables come together supplies the best determination as to which deployment model makes the … Continued

FOSDEM, 2011

An Open Source Telephony Devroom has been organized at FOSDEM 2011 in Brussels on Sunday, February 6th, 2011. The Devroom will feature a full day of presentations on development topics in the area of open source telephony. 30 minute presentations will be made from 09:00 until 17:00. We have been assigned to room AW1.124 and provided with a projector, WiFi, and 59 seats.

Speaker proposals for the Devroom have already been submitted and accepted, including Digium’s own Russell Bryant and Kevin Fleming. The full schedule can be viewed here.

Feel free to forward this along to any people or … Continued