The IVR Clinic with Allison Smith – The 15 Commandments of IVR

Commandment #11: “Don’t Go Overboard With Niceties”
We’re in the homestretch now! Only four more Commandments to tackle after this installment – and today’s topic has raised a lot of debate and excitement amongst my “IVR Dojos” – my IVR experts who have helped and advised me along the way with this blog. Today, we’re dealing with Commandment #11: “Don’t Go Overboard With Niceties” – a very bad tendency that a good many IVR writers and the designers of on-hold systems in particular fall victim to.

We are sensitive to the fact that customers and clients might have a bit … Continued

Announcing the 2010 Digium Innovation Award Winner

Honoree uses Asterisk®, the open source telephony platform, to Connect 100,000 Legacy Phone Users Supporting 7 Million Calls for Portuguese Institutions

The 2010 Digium Innovation Award is ITCenter, located in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal. Since 2003, ITCenter has differentiated itself by specializing in innovative solutions based on open source technologies, including Asterisk. ITCenter used Asterisk to interconnect all 48 Portuguese Higher Education & Scientific Institutions, integrating 220 existing legacy PBX systems and enabling VoIP communications between all the institutions without any change to its existing phone systems. The implementation provides centralized management and billing of both the legacy … Continued

The IVR Clinic with Allison Smith

The 15 Commandments of IVR

Commandment #10: “Name Your Company Something That Needs No Special Instruction”
Thanks for your patience while I took a break from the “15 Commandments of IVR” Series to report from AstriCon – I’m back with the latest and one of the most pivotal installments of the series: Commandment #10: “Name Your Company Something That Needs No Special Instruction” – however, I acknowledge that it’s probably too late to implement this.

By the time they hire me to voice their IVR’s, the opportunity has likely already passed to talk to people about why they’ve named their … Continued

Finding My Footing

Hello, Asterisk Community.

My name is Bryan Johns.  I am a long-time Asterisk proponent and promoter who comes from a seven year history of deploying Asterisk solutions into corporations and carriers across the United States.  I believe that open source platforms like Asterisk and Asterisk SCF are radically changing the telecommunications landscape and I derive great personal satisfaction from the opportunity to shake up the status quo.

I started my work with VoIP in 1997; a time when you could easily be laughed out of a conference room for trying to sell such a “radical” technology.  It was time when Continued