I (heart) Asterisk Geeks!

I remember very clearly – before I left for Atlanta to attend the first Astricon in 2004 – debating about whether or not to pack a certain item I had planned on wearing at the convention. I had the idea to have a t-shirt made up – riffing on the idea of the “I (heart) NY t-shirts” – which read: “I (heart) Asterisk Geeks”. It seemed like a fun, novelty item at first – but as Astricon approached, I debated about the “correctness” of me using that word. It’s one of those terms which is group-specific; fine if someone *in* … Continued

Classic KPF

Apparently one or more of the 700+ AstriCon attendees misses Kevin’s classic look.  Perhaps we can get him to sport a moustache at the all conference party tonight…


And the excitement begins

After many hours, days, weeks, and I can even say year of preparation, everything is starting to come to together for AstriCon.

The exhibit hall is being set up RIGHT NOW and I can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m getting ready to begin setting up Digium’s booth and am looking forward to meeting everyone who stops by.

I thought I would give you a sneak peak of the pre-set times of an exhibit hall…those times before even us exhibitors are typically allowed in:

Everything really gets going tomorrow with the opening reception at 5pm. What will you … Continued