Digium Switchvox: Different Things to Different Businesses

Guest Blogger: Randy Kremlacek, president, Teledynamic Communications

We’ve sold traditional Nortel phone systems since 1987 and 3Com phone systems since 1999. We could see the writing on the wall in 2009 and decided to replace those two manufacturers with Digium’s Switchvox. In what we thought was a bold and somewhat risky move, has come to become one of our best business decisions we’ve ever made.

In the past, we (just like our fellow traditional PBX competitors) had to make the Nortel or 3Com product fit into every business. If a customer needed something a little special that was always a … Continued

The IVR Clinic with Allison Smith

Allison Smith, The Asterisk Voice
Allison Smith, The Asterisk Voice

The 15 Commandments of IVR – Commandment #8: “Thou Shalt Not Give Directions to Your Office/Facility”

We’ve probably all heard the option in a typical IVR tree, offering “…for directions to our office, press 7”. You have also probably speculated as to whether or not anyone actually makes use of that option, and whether the option is even remotely necessary, especially with the prevalence of GPS mapping available in most hand held PDA devices, and being pretty much standard in most newer cars.

I can tell you that almost every day I have to read … Continued

Planes, Trains, Automobiles….Teleportation?

Whether you travel by planes, trains or teleporters, we hope to see you at one of these upcoming events!

MidSize Enterprise Summit, September 19th – 22nd,  Visit us at booth #204
Tuesday, September 21st, 3:40-4:10PM
Boardroom Presentation
David Hardy, Director of Business Development

Channel Partners - Visit us at booth #4011

ITEXPO West – October 4th – 6th, Visit us at booth #206

Monday, October 4th, 3:15-4:00pm
Open Source IP PBX Roundtable/Shootout
Tristan Barnum, Switchvox Product Marketing

Tuesday, October 5th, 1:15-2:00PM
Will the Cloud Kill the PBX?
Tristan Barnum, Director of Product Marketing, Switchvox

Wednesday, October 6th, 1:45 – … Continued

AsteriskNOW 1.7.1 now available with add-on installer module for FreePBX

AsteriskNOW 1.7.1 has been released with a new module for FreePBX that allows installation of Digium add-on software from within the web-based interface. Now there’s no command-line work to be done to get Digium’s G729 codec, Fax for Asterisk, HPEC, or Skype for Asterisk. We’ve also made some changes to make AsteriskNOW even friendlier for newcomers to the Asterisk community.

Together with the DAHDI configuration module that began shipping with 1.7.0, these modules make Asterisk administration even easier.  Download AsteriskNOW today, and burn it to a CD or start it in a virtual machine. In minutes … Continued

How to Lower Monthly Phone Expenses

Guest Blogger:  David Johnson, vice president, The Fulcrum Group

I’ve been in the IT industry a long time, and I’ve seen lots of changes. When the economy was going strong, many clients wanted the latest and greatest – and they didn’t mind paying extra for every little bell and whistle. This worked well for a lot of VARs for a lot of years.

When the economy turned sour, companies that had made their mark by making fast, product-based (rather than service-based) sales had a much harder time staying in business. In fact, 40,000 of the 250,000 VARS in the United … Continued