The phone system that lets you change your mind

Guest blogger Mark Essayian from KME Systems, Inc.

Change your mind!

Switchvox resellers already know how powerful the product’s features are, so I thought I would stress how powerful the sales process can be from both the reseller and corporate customer perspectives.

Here’s one of the messages you should understand about Switchvox:

“You can always change your mind.”

A phone system upgrade or replacement can seem overwhelming to small businesses. That’s why SMBs are justifiably worried they may be buying the wrong solution, they may need a feature and forget to mention it, etc.  Of course price is a major item, but so is fear of the unknown. Remember, it’s a significant expenditure and organizations want to be sure they are getting the right product. When considering a Switchvox purchase, customers need not worry because if their business changes or they need something new, they can always change their mind with Switchvox.

Here’s something we often discuss with customers.  During the needs discovery for automatic call distributor (ACD), call recording, find me follow me, etc., prospects will typically just throw out some of these options as they don’t need them today. However, it’s important to know that “You can always change your mind” when you go with Switchvox.  This helps dispel some of the fear about buying the wrong thing.

The analogy we use is some people have a small car when they get married and that works great until they have a kid, then they get a dog, bikes, etc.  Now that small, fun, two-door car no longer fits their needs. It was great when they got it, but now things are different and they need something like a minivan.  Well, it’s time to go trade in the small car and get the minivan to suit the new family needs. This means getting rid of one piece of hardware to go through the buying process again hoping they get it right this time.

It’s the same with any organization — needs change as a company will invariably decide to alter its business, hire more people, acquire a competitor, etc.  What was not important when initially buying a phone system — like the awesome and free Switchvox Mobile smartphone applications — is now critical. For example, imagine a top-performing new salesperson who is accustomed to having access to all the great features of her office phone system right on her smartphone, which she can’t live without it. A company would realize that her value goes up when she has the correct tools to make her productive. The organization would want to be able to make that addition on the fly.

With other systems, prospects may need to buy an add-on for more cost, or worse, it may not even be available on the product they bought. With Switchvox, they can add call recording, ACD, etc. at any time.  This way, organizations “change their mind” and Switchvox allows them to grow and accommodate as needs increase and change.

Switchvox has a multitude of features built in and can adapt to future needs as it is based on open standards. With this in mind, prospects can rest assured that as they change and grow, they can change their minds as to the types of features required to meet the needs of their organizations. They’ll have a great platform that changes with them and a partner delivering the best VoIP phone system that exists.

Stay connected using the Switchvox mobile app.  Watch the demo now.

Mark Essayian, President, KME Systems, Inc.

KME Systems is a Digium Select Reseller

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  1. Tribulus

    The Switchvox mobile looks like a good option.

  2. gracyheather

    “Remember, it’s a significant expenditure and organizations want to be sure they are getting the right product.”

    This is what small business with limited budget for phone system fear most. So, to know the perfect phone system it is best to read post such as this and compare it to others.

  3. Office Phone System

    Not only does it provided easy transition when you change your mind but it is so flexible that you can mix and match with any features, devices, etc. to get the most optimal configuration.

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