The Everything Asterisk Video Collection Video Resources PageAs part of our ongoing effort to take over the world with Asterisk, I’ve put together a new “Asterisk Video Resources” page on the site.  It contains about 40 videos.  Some are tutorials, others are background material.  Some are a bit out of date (dare I say, retro?) but are still worth a look.  Many of them are community contributed — yet another validation of the open source way of doing things.  Over the next few weeks you should see more content pouring in and, with any luck, a bit more organization.

If you happen to have any Asterisk videos that you would like to share (including any hilarious candid moments from AstriCon), please send them to me.  (ssokol [at] asterisk [dot] org).  Better yet, show up to AstriCon and shoot some new fun!



About the author

Steven Sokol, a self-proclaimed Asterisk geek, serves as the director of strategic projects at Digium. He has previously served as the Asterisk marketing director and as a product manager. He joined Digium in the summer of 2007 when his startup was acquired. Steve co-founded both AstriCon, the annual Asterisk user conference, and the Asterisk Bootcamp training program. He lives in Kansas City.

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