Veteran Open Source Technologist to Keynote AstriCon 2010

Mark Summer

Mark Summer explores this year’s conference theme, “Asterisk: The World is Calling,” by sharing his experiences using the telephony platform to help improve local economies and quality of life around the world

Asterisk is changing the world, not just in the limited confines of  business-oriented UC communications, but in real, tangible, and life changing ways.  Our featured AstriCon keynote is  Mark Summer from Inveneo,  whose work in bringing Open-Source to under-served areas is literally changing lives.

The ability to communicate via voice is something we take for granted, but in many areas of the world that basic technology has remained


The IVR Clinic with Allison Smith

Allison Smith, The Asterisk Voice
Allison Smith, The Asterisk Voice

The 15 Commandments of IVR

Commandment #6: “Understand What Constitutes a ‘Prompt’”

This series of “commandments”, guiding you to writing clear, easy-to-understand IVR prompts is venturing into the “fine-tuning” mechanics of constructing prompts – this latest commandment: “Understand What Constitutes a Prompt” is an important aspect to grasp in order to make sure that all your options in your phone tree are covered by a corresponding prompt – and that you understand how much you’re purchasing from your voice talent.

When you order Asterisk prompts via the Digium site, there is a pricing algorithm in … Continued

The phone system that lets you change your mind

Guest blogger Mark Essayian from KME Systems, Inc.

Change your mind!

Switchvox resellers already know how powerful the product’s features are, so I thought I would stress how powerful the sales process can be from both the reseller and corporate customer perspectives.

Here’s one of the messages you should understand about Switchvox:

“You can always change your mind.”

A phone system upgrade or replacement can seem overwhelming to small businesses. That’s why SMBs are justifiably worried they may be buying the wrong solution, they may need a feature and forget to mention it, etc.  Of course price is a … Continued

The XV Commandments of IVR

Mark Spencer, Digium CTO & Allison Smith, Voice of Asterisk

We hope that you have been enjoying the IVR Clinic from our guest blogger, Allison Smith.  The fifteen-part-series of blogs is designed to assist in the writing of smooth-flowing, efficiently-working IVR systems. As the voice of Asterisk, Allison Smith, has a wealth of experiences recording IVR prompts and has unique insight into the pitfalls that lead to awkward-running and ineffective IVR systems.  Allison’s blog will help facilitate the writing of clean, easy-to-navigate prompts for your business phone system.

So far, Allison has shared the first 5 commandments of the 15 Commandments of IVR.  If you have missed one of the … Continued

The IVR Clinic with Allison Smith

Allison Smith, The Asterisk Voice
Allison Smith, The Asterisk Voice

The 15 Commandments of IVR

Commandment #5: “Front-Load Important Information”

I enjoy telling the story of the IVR I recently voiced for a large Cardiology consortium, with offices located across the Southern US. They, unfortunately, were guilty of violating #2 of the “15 Commandments of IVR – Thou Shalt Not Create Fake Mailboxes”, which meant they had about 15 options to choose from (most routing back to one or two basic points of contact) – way too many choices to force their patients to listen to.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read option … Continued