Launches Weekly Welcome Webinar

Back in the 1970s when I was a little tyke, my mother belonged to an organization called “The Welcome Wagon”.  They didn’t actually have a wagon (unless you counted our ugly green station wagon) but they did a heck of a good job of welcoming people into the neighborhood.  Almost as soon as the moving van pulled away, a flock of ladies with casseroles, cookies and daiquiris would descend upon the weary neighborhood neophytes, doling out food, drink and a spirit of welcome.

Flash forward a quarter of a century.  It is 2003 and I’ve just stumbled across this incredible … Continued

Asterisk or Switchvox?

Digium is the creator and primary sponsor of the Asterisk project.  Asterisk is an open source communications engine that transforms commodity computers into powerful communications servers.  Asterisk is free.

Digium also makes and sells Switchvox, a turnkey unified communications system (IP PBX) based on Asterisk.  Switchvox is far less expensive than competitive IP PBX and UC systems based on proprietary technologies, but it is not free.

Users and customers frequently asked why Digium offers both the free-and-open Asterisk engine and the commercial Switchvox solution.  The answer is simple: while both products fit into the larger universe of telecommunications technologies, they … Continued

Great Real World Example of Integration with Switchvox SMB

My friend Shawn Ross has a great writeup on his blog about creating a mashup between Switchvox with AccessACS, a program his church is using for ChMS/Church Database integration. It’s a custom panel that pops up member data when they call into the church and Shawn has written up and provided code and directions on getting this working. It’s an awesome example of how Switchvox SMB can be integrated with whatever apps your business uses.
Check it out here:

If you’re interested in learning more about the Switchvox Extend API there’s a ton more info and documentation at Digium Continued