AstriContest, step right up! Fastest Dude to the Dialtone!

If you’re coming out west to Glendale for AstriCon (Oct 13-15) you’ll have the chance to be a winner in more than the obvious way of being an AstriCon attendee!  There’s the chance to show off your Asterisk skills!

We all love Asterisk, and we love hooking to up to all that IP telephony stuff, but… there’s still a lot of plain ol’ telephones out there…  Welcome to the hi-tech honky tonk (no fist-fighting, just some sparring between Asterisk dudes…  Last year, we wrangled SIP phones for the prize, but this year, we’re going old-school, and sticking with analog ports.

Step right up, step right up – the contest is simple.  We’ll give you a PC with a good ol’ analog speakerphone attached to the Digium analog card inside, and the Asterisk and DAHDI source files already on the machine.

All you have to do is install DAHDI and Asterisk from the tarballs and set up a configuration to the point of achieving a very simple set of call results. The clock starts when from your first command and stops when the right thing is heard out of the speakerphone.  We won’t tell you exactly what the test is, but I’d suggest you brush up on rapid dialplan creation, DAHDI configs, and fast typing!

The contest will run in the exhibition hall and will run during show hours, and the master of testing ceremony is long-time Asterisk author, consultant, and carnival barker David Duffett, who will guide you through the process whilst peppering you with witty observations and possibly even teaching the crowd a thing or two during the process.  (Having him shout “Yeehaa!” with a British accent during the planning of this contest is reward enough for me, actually.)

You’ll be up against some of the fastest geeks in the south (Yeehaa!), all with an eye on one of the stunning prizes on offer – which will be presented by Allison Smith, our far superior fill-in for Vanna White.  Prizes to be awarded in the same room as and just before the last “Asterisk Roadmap” conference session.

Quickest Dude to the dialtone prizes:

Fastest: An unlocked HTC Hero Google Android Phone
2nd Quickest: Digium backpack w/schwag, Digium analog card with FXO/FXS, retro bluetooth handset, geek toolkit
3rd Quickest: Digium backpack w/schwag, Digium analog card with FXO/FXS

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I'm the Asterisk Open Source Community Director. You can reach me at I try to work as a catalyst (yes, an over-used term) for getting ideas and code moving around in our large development community. I'm often as well a promoter, writer, encourager, and behind-the-scenes nag about all things Asterisk both in the community and within Digium.

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