What are You Wearing?


As we draw nearer to this year’s Astricon, which celebrates the 10th year of Asterisk, and as I was rummaging around my closet this morning for something to wear, it occurred that I might bring all of you on a walk down a Digium memory lane.  Thus, I present a 10-year history of Digium in shirts.

Before the beginning, no one at Digium wore any work shirts.  We might have worn shirts, but we wouldn’t say.  Customer meetings were conducted in paraphernalia that would have been appropriate for college dormitory rooms and we’d never been to a … Continued

AstriCon countdown: 30 days, 5 reasons

We’re down to slightly less than a month between now and AstriCon! October 13-15 is drawing close. If you’ve not booked your travel reservations to Phoenix, now is the time to do it!

Sept 23rd is the cutoff date for the room discount, and we’ve requested another block of rooms for attendees.

The Renaissance is the exclusive hotel of AstriCon 2009. It is where most of the attendees and exhibitors stay, and is a great place for networking! Please make sure you book your hotel rooms right now to ensure you get the AstriCon fantastic discounted room rate. … Continued

Open the new language floodgates!

Asterisk is being used all over the world, in dozens or even hundreds of nations, in a huge variety of linguistic settings.

Until now, the official Asterisk distribution has come in only three language “flavors” – English, French, and Spanish.  We are long overdue for getting more languages into the “main” Asterisk distribution, and over the past few weeks there has been quite a bit of work done getting licensing and practical concepts understood to the point where we are comfortable with expanding the number of available languages at the discretion of the community.

There has been a document submitted … Continued