Skype for Asterisk – Production Released!

Well, I am pleased to announce that Skype for Asterisk has production released! It has been a long road of field testing under many use cases but all of us at Digium believe the wait for the general public was worth it. The development effort in conjunction with Skype has produced a stable and feature rich product that has the best call quality of any solution in the market.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Skype for Asterisk (SfA), it is an add-on channel driver that integrates Skype calling with Asterisk-based telephony systems and allows businesses to build … Continued

Asterisk Music-On-Hold Changes

Asterisk is undergoing a subtle but important change in the way it sounds.
Asterisk has had for quite some time the ability to play Music On Hold (MOH) to callers as an optionally configured call feature.  Of course, as soon as the code had the ability to play music, there was a general request and obvious concept that Asterisk should include a few default music-on-hold files.  At that point, several people within Digium looked around at the possible files we could use, but all of them had some type of license issues, which is understandable.  We found a company which … Continued

Awards and Astricon!

Again it’s starting to be that time of year where AstriCon is becoming visible on the horizon.

This year promises again to be a record-breaker – we’ve already got
more pre-show signups, more participants on the show floor, and a
fantastic line-up of speakers and sessions.  There will even be a job
fair for those of you looking for a change in venue, or for those of
you looking for Asterisk-clued admins and developers.  (watch this
space for more details)

In fact, it looks like AstriCon is situated to be among the biggest shows for the quarter in the … Continued