The Success of Commercial Open Source Software

The Success of Commercial Open Source Software 2009-07-29
Yesterday, an article was published in Business Week by Peter Yared, who brought up some points that I’d like to address from the perspective of a successful Commercial Open Source company.   If you’ve not read his article, take a look here: The Failure of Commercial Open Source Software.   Hopefully I can give a different perspective on how we see almost the opposite results from many of the same points that he raises in his article.
Peter’s premise is that commercial open source software must be failing given the lack of liquidity … Continued

Open Source Licensing of Asterisk- the issues are small potatoes!

Every once in awhile I encounter a sticky situation that can be difficult to pinpoint a resolution for. Understanding how it is that my dog winds up with ropes of dog drool looping up between her eyes and past her forehead. Trying to figure out why I always wind up with sauce spattered all over myself at meals while my husband’s face and hands always remain remarkably sauce free.   Responding to a query from a person curious about how Asterisk is licensed under the GPLv2 without letting the conversation become a murky swamp of confusion.  While I am left to … Continued

Show Us Your Asterisk!

The fact that Asterisk is being used by huge numbers of people is not a question – it’s clearly the case based on the number of how-to articles, the videos, the books, the classes, the consultants, the twitter posts, the blogs, and the numbers of people on the mailing lists and other forums dedicated to exchanging ideas on both open-source and commercial implementations of Asterisk.  The fact of widespread Asterisk adoption is obvious – but then comes the question: well, it’s a big community… but exactly HOW big is it?  How many implementations are there in education?  Government?  Big Enterprise?  … Continued