Had me a Blast

Summer Digium, had me a blast,

Summer Digium, happened so fast.

Those su-hum-mer, nigh-heigh-eigh-heights!


Summer at Digium means one thing, heat.  We’ve been experiencing a heat wave lately and it’s been so hot outside that the outdoor picnic table remains unused:

And that everyone understands the merits of remaining cool with shorts, some shoes, and lots of liquids while indoors:

Meanwhile, with the madness of some of our product launches this year already out of the way, it’s business as usual (working towards future product releases) over in my unkempt office:

And, the Digium Softball team posted its best … Continued

Asterisk: Always On

In the last 15 years, there has been a significant shift in the focus of development from the concept of “compute” to “interact”.  While there is certainly a spectacular improvement in the ability of machines to store, calculate, and interpret data, I would suggest that the ability of individuals to interact with and easily access, understand, and modify that data is that which has been the most powerful factor in the spread of information systems into all facets of life.

There are four basic methods that people use to interact with computing systems: eyes (seeing screens), hands (keyboards, mice, or